Strange UFO Seen Hurtling Towards US Military Plane Crash

U.I.P follower Manuel L. Ortiz recently discovered a UFO caught on a security CCTV camera hurtling towards a C130 US military which strangle crash landed recently in Savannah – could this strange event have been caused by this mysterious UFO? A … Read More

Aliens Watching US Military Bases? It Appears So

It has been common knowledge for a while now that the aliens may be watching Military installations across the planet, but after a glut of UFO sightings near a military base in the US, many truth seekers now believe that the … Read More

Witnesses Say ‘Aliens’ – US Military Says It Was a Missile Launch?

Witnesses Say ‘Aliens’ – US Military Says It Was a Missile Launch? A mysterious unknown light appeared in the night skies above Los Angeles which even distracted the Kardashian sisters who live along the West Coast, from doing their stupid selfies.  … Read More