A 1987 Historic Orb U.I.P Sighting Report – Cambridgeshire/Brinkley, UK

A 1987 Historic Orb U.I.P Sighting Report – Cambridgeshire/Brinkley, UK 




There are so many Orb like sightings seen around the world these day that you can quite easily forget that these unusual objects in the sky have been seen by many people for a very long time!

We recently had this intriguing sighting report sent to us, however this was no recent sighting, this particular ‘Ball of Light’ was witnessed back in 1987 in Cambridgeshire UK.  Unlike many other Orb sightings which have been perhaps the size of a passenger plane (like the one that I saw back in 2013), this particular object was only about 2 foot….and apparently ‘followed’ its witnesses!

Please read below about this interesting sighting reported to us.

U.I.P Sighting Report

Date of Sighting: 1987

Location of Sighting: Cambridgeshire/Brinkley

Brief Description: One pulsating ball of light

Full Description: A September evening sighted from a stubble field where a friend and my self had just been riding motor cycles.  Was  getting too dark to ride guessing about 2100 we noticed a light as described rising from a small wood aprrox 1/2 a mile from us then shot a way from us at a rapid acceleration, then stopped dead then moved towards us fast as before stopped turned 90deg in an instant ,dropped down the below the a reasonably high hedge row on the field boundary, we could see it occasionally through gaps , it moved up the field edge closer to us we both walked towards it , it then stopped and rose above the hedge row just hovering no sound at all , I don’t mind saying so after all these years we both ran like the devil to the bikes and rode home.
We went back the same evening with or wives ,both sceptical of what we had seen,
I hope this is helpful to your research,or anybody else with the same experience.
Have never forgotten and still can’t explain
Roy P

Appearance: Orange pulsating light

Size: 2 feet across

Day/Night: Nighttime

Time: 2100

Surroundings: Rural ,12 miles from Cambridge no features as above

Duration: 4or 5 mins

Witnesses: 2

Explanations: Definitely none of the above I have been around to long I have had nearly 40 years  to explain and in my early 60s now

Reported Previously: No not so easy back then

Views: Not much had an open mind ,I didn’t think it might have been a ufo when we started walking towards it, I still don’t know what I had seen that evening ,still remember it vividly,

Additional Comments: I would like to think somebody could give me a credible answer for what we had seen

Background: Secondary modern schooling apprenticed fitter welder now sheet metal worker( aerospace)

Display Name on Website: Yes

Location of Submitter: Newmarket Suffolk


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