Cigar Shaped UFO Near a Nuclear Weapons Base in Texas – Sighting Report

Cigar Shaped UFO Near a Nuclear Weapons Base in Texas – Sighting Report




A huge bright neon coloured Cigar shaped UFO seen towards a Nuclear Weapons base in Texas, US!   Yet another very interesting sighting reported to our website with images too!

There appears to be A LOT of interest in the Governments weapons of mass destruction! Please read our recent interesting report below:

U.I.P Sighting Report – Texas US,

Date of Sighting: January 18, 2015

Location of Sighting: Lake Meredith National Rec Area, Fritch, Texas

Brief Description: I was taking pictures of the sunset, and did not realize till later what I had captured.

Full Description: Let me first say that Lake Meredith is very close to Pantex…the nuclear weapons facility for the US. I was taking pictures with my phone as well as my DSLR camera. These 2 pictures were taken back to back, within seconds of each other and I did not notice the neon green cigar shaped light in them till I was culling pictures later. These appeared on my cell phone pics, but not my Canon. I took well over 20 pictures within a 10 minutes span, and these are the only 2 that i can see this object in. I was in this part of the state working a job in Borger, Texas. I live in East Texas, about 600 miles apart.

Appearance: In the right hand side of the picture, near the contrail, you can see a green object. in the second picture it is on the left side of the contrail..obviously had moved.

Distance: I really don’t know.

Day/Night: Daytime

Time: 6 pm

Surroundings: Very rural, near Pantex.

Duration: Few seconds

Witnesses: Just myself.

Explanations: I honestly don’t know.

Reported Previously: I attempted to send the pictures into George Noory, but they didn’t go through.

Views: I definitely do not believe we are alone.

Additional Comments: I tried to include the photographs, but they are too large. and you can only upload one…if you give me an alternative to send the photos, i will be glad to do it.

Background: I have some college education. I travel quite a bit as a construction worker. I am an amateur photgrapher.

Display Name on Website: Yes


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