Huge Bird Shaped UFO And Triangular UFO’s Next To The SUN

Huge Bird Shaped UFO And Triangular UFO’s Next To The SUN




Yet more strange goings on have been caught on camera by the NASA/SOHO observatory next to the sun.  Gone are the times when NASA would immediately shout “Its a pixel on the camera etc etc” Perhaps NASA have given up trying to humour us all and are as puzzled as what we are over these incredible objects next to the Sun.

The first recent unidentified object caught on camera is a ‘Bird-like’ shaped object next to the Sun (please see image above and video below).  This image was taken on June 20, 2015 by NASA/SOHO.

When you watch the video where the image is zoomed in, it is very clear that it is actually near towards the sun and not a blip on the SOHO’s screen! The object really does have a look of a Bird about it as you can see and is now an extra one of MANY UFO’s which have been next to the Sun.  Perhaps the Aliens are using the Sun in someway as a fuel resource, or who knows, perhaps the ET’s have discovered a portal near the Sun and have designed some kind of Bizarre material which can easily withstand high temperatures!?

Please see video below:

Huge Triangular And Rectangular UFO’s Next To The Sun

And this is not the only strange Unidentified object to be seen next to the Sun recently.  Just two days after the Bird looking UFO object above was seen next to the Sun, a long comes these also Bizarre looking Triangular and rectangular UFO’s.  These images were captured on SOHO on the 22 June, 2015.

You can clearly see the sold structures of the apparent Alien crafts, but what is really astounding about these objects is that you can see some kind of trail behind it, which appears like a stream of energy, kind of like what you would get behind a fighter jet going across the sky full pelt.  These objects appear VERY much constructed looking and definitely not any ‘blip’ with SOHO’s camera screen, or a “collection of Cosmic Ray Streaks” as stated by NASA.

Please see zoomed in images and video below:





Source idea:
Source idea:


Nobody can deny that these Unidentified objects seen next to the Sun are pretty incredible looking, but like many have been asking for a while now “what exactly are they!?”

It has been suggested that Alien Beings use the Suns incredible energy to travel between the stars OR some kind of magnificent Portal is inside of our Sun! Yes these types of thoughts may seem very over the top, but are they really that over the top when NASA has already officially announced that Portals exist in space!?

In the greater scheme of things us Humans know very little about the true facts of the Universe so I guess ANYTHING is possible, but one thing is for sure these objects appear very real and are appearing next to the Sun more and more frequently as each month goes by.

Please check out a famous UFO sighting below of a Sphere like UFO looking like it is ‘draining’ the Sun off its energy – and this ‘thing’ is REALLY Big, about the size of Jupiter!?



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