“Humans Are Part Of An Aliens Computer Game” States NASA Scientist

“Humans Are Part Of An Aliens Computer Game” States NASA Scientist




Ever get that feeling that things almost feel ‘mapped’ out for you, or certain things happen even though you once imagined that situation happening (Deja Vu)? Well a leading Scientist believes that all of our life’s may be being played out as part of an Alien Beings computer…..and NO this is NOT a joke!

I guess THE big question is, what is our world, is this life created from the Universe, or is this all some kind of an extreme hallucination, created by Alien Beings way back at the beginning of our time? Well, a very highly respected researcher who is currently working at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has strongly suggested that this is completely conceivable.

Is our life just one big dream like game!?

Is our life just one big dream like game!?

This particular thought/idea has run over the minds of many of us and this idea is a lot more established than we originally thought.

The famous French Philosopher René Descartes was one of the very first people to publically verbalize the thought of a substance adamantly sustaining us expound funnel dreams. And after three centuries and a half later, we are still at the situation were we cant actually shake the inclination that this very planet that we have lived and breathed on all of our lives and see with our very own senses, may be only a hologram…..part of one big game played out in front of us all.

Rich Terrile, the chief of NASA’s Centre for Evolutionary Computation and Automated Design not just accepts this is conceivable; he hypothesizes that people will soon have the capacity to make likewise immeasurable re-enactments in the future.

Rich Terrile of NASA believes we are all part of a video game

Rich Terrile of NASA believes we are all part of a video game

According to Rich, he has given a very real thought about some kind of a programmer from the far future, whether human or Alien of origin, could have composed our entire universe by utilizing a computational influence far better than our own that we have today. Perhaps this ‘creators’ reasons are an absolute riddle to us. Could it be that he or she or ‘it’ (perhaps even Artificial Intelligence) wanted to determine how things may have happened much sooner than his time. Could it be that he did it out of weariness, instead of interest!?

Speaking to Vice the NASA scientist stated:

“Right now the fastest NASA supercomputers are cranking away at about double the speed of the human brain …If you make a simple calculation using Moore’s Law [which roughly claims computers double in power every two years], you’ll find that these supercomputers, inside of a decade, will have the ability to compute an entire human lifetime of 80 years – including every thought ever conceived during that lifetime – in the span of a month.”

Please watch the video which supports this interesting thought:

What a surreal thought! Just imagine if this is the real deal, then our entire universe could be just a simulation, and our own existence is just a tiny moderate aspect. But I guess the question hers is, is there any evidence supporting this surreal situation? Well guess what, there actually is some evidence out there!

Amazingly, the universe is constantly acting simply like it’s a piece of a simulation. It just shows certain qualities when watched, like the way the Grand Theft Auto amusement motor just creates the territory that the player is currently in. Think about it this way, if a star went supernova and could be seen through a powerful telescope, would this spectacle of still happened if it hadn’t been noticed by a human being? I guess it comes down to that other famous theory, a tree falling over in front of us will make a loud noise, but whose to say that noise would still be heard if nobody was around, could everything be ‘formatted’ imagery!? It is a VERY interesting theory.

Quantum mechanics may be a mind- twister for any non-researchers, although one of its real guidelines can be clarified with almost embarrassing simplicity! Subatomic particles have no clear state unless watched. That is, things turn out to be genuine and remain as such the length of we keep our eyes on them. This theory/problem has amazed and astounded scientists and researchers for quite a long time now and one conceivable clarification for this conduct is that we live inside a simulation, or as Rich Terrile would say “we are all part of a video game!”


Is life just one big idea

Is life just one big idea


I will not deny it but when I first read about this theory I laughed to myself and thought ‘how ridiculous’.  It was only when I digged a little more deeper into this subject and read other peoples research into this matter I started considering how real this theory could be…..when you really think about it and look at the other wonders of the Universe that we are discovering daily then I guess this could be possible. The fact that so many top scientists are now starting to research this fascinating thought, makes you naturally question your own beliefs in life!

I have often sat there at night, looking out at the stars and imagined myself floating around space in that vastness of infinity! But one thing that always goes through my mind is how ‘unbelievable’ it is that we live and survive surrounded by all these stars and planets and infinite darkness!

I am not saying that I whole heartedly believe in this theory as my belief very much lies with the wonders of the Universe and all of the possibilities out there, but I have also learnt since being heavily involved in this area to always KEEP AN OPEN MIND about most things in life!

Big Brother is always watching us, so whose to say that Big isn’t controlling us!


The band Muse's very relevant new album cover.

The band Muse’s very relevant new album cover.



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