LEAKED UFO Crash Video Jackhead, Canada on 25th February 2015

Hidden answers in the snow

Hidden answers in the snow

Yet ‘another’ amazing video footage of the UFO crash we already published few days ago. We received another video of the same UFO sighting above Jackhead, Canada on 25th February 2015.

Poster said:
Canadian military is trying hard to cover it up but, they’re forgetting one thing this is year 2015, so unlike 1947 roswell crash this event have solid proof. Thanks to the same advance technology, we humans stolen from aliens, is helping uncovering the mystery and government cover ups.

This video was sent to us on Feb 25, by a middle aged women, who we can’t name as you guys might be aware, how serious this event is. As you can see in the video a Space ship breaking apart, which then crashed into snow covered area which is now restricted by Canadian military, but this video is proof there is some sort of small rescue craft detached from crashing ship, which then pauses for few milliseconds maybe to see where main space ship might crash, which then quickly flown away into opposite direction.

U.I.P Summary

The Jackhead Crashed UFO incident is an intriguing case to say the least! From one side we have Canadian Government Officials making ‘quick’ denials that there was ‘NO’ crash and it was purely a training incident and on the other side we have witnesses a plenty and the website ‘Third Phase Of the Moon’ putting out what appears to ‘fake’ videos/images (no surprise there really).

One things is for certain, this story is making the rounds around the Social Media network and the media! This particular footage is extremely interesting and U.I.P are trying to confirm the location and date of this video to back up the video title claim.

Of course if this was a real ‘UFO Incident’  then it is obvious that the Canadian Government are not going to shout from the Rooftops that ‘an Alien Craft has landed!’ This is why it is extremely important that we start digging for the truth, and nothing is confirmed until it has actually been ‘Confirmed’ as legitimate evidence towards this ‘incident’

If YOU have any further information on this event then please do not hesitate to contact us direct.


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One Response to LEAKED UFO Crash Video Jackhead, Canada on 25th February 2015

  1. James Davis says:

    Was that an escape pod that is shown coming out right above the tree line? It seems logical to me that any safety minded society would build one into their craft just in case.