Leaked US Security Footage Of a Confirmed UFO Sighting

Leaked US Security Footage Of a Confirmed UFO Sighting



A recent ‘leaked’ video of what appears to be a UFO coming out of the sea and apparently splitting in two is alleged to belong to the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and has got truth seekers all over the world stating that this is the real deal and could not possibly be anything else.

The VIDEO alleged to have been leaked from the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) shows a “UFO being tracked by thermal imaging camera” recently appeared online.

The almost 4 minute long video is being taken seriously by UFO and alien researchers all over the world and was placed online by a group calling itself the Scientific Coalition for Ufology (SCU).

According to the SCU website, its researchers confirm that the UFO “exhibits characteristics that cannot be explained by any known aircraft or natural phenomenon”.

The video was apparently captured by the US ‘Department of Homeland Security’ (DHS) off one of their planes in the sky! This appears to be a very clear video of an unknown object moving in a way like nothing ever seen before!

A US Customs and Border Protection Bombardier DHC-8Q200 - Apparently the type of plane that caught the UFO on camera

A US Customs and Border Protection Bombardier DHC-8Q200 – Apparently the type of plane that caught the UFO on camera

The SCU have confirmed that the leaked footage has come from a DHS whistle-blower who does not wish to be named.  Apparently since the video has been released by the SCU, quite a few other witnesses have come forward to confirm the sighting.

The SCU apparently spent two years reviewing the footage and building up an in-depth report to confirm the videos authenticity.  It has been confirmed that at least 6 scientists and researchers have been named against this project.

This UFO incident allegedly started at about 9.20 pm on April 25 2013 at the Rafael Hernandez Airport in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico and was “monitored by the crew of a DHC-8 Turboprop aircraft from US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) – who are part of the US DHS.

Please see the interesting video below:


The object in the video appears to look like a metallic sphere, which moves fairly quickly over land and then into the ocean and seems to tumble or change shape, almost like the UFO is ‘morphing’ into something different.

U.I.P.s friend and supporter of our project, Nick Pope (who formally investigated UFO sightings for the British Ministry of Defence) who sometimes gets a fair bit of criticism for sitting on the fence too often, gave quite a positive response to this footage, he said:

“Assuming the video isn’t a clever hoax – which is always a possibility these days – it’s a fascinating piece of footage.”About the only conventional explanation that might fit the bill is that this is some new drone, but the entry and exit from the sea and the apparent splitting in two of the object makes even this explanation seem unlikely.

This is exactly the sort of video that I and intelligence specialists at the MoD got most excited about, as the available data allows for a proper, scientific analysis.

I’ll be watching developments on this one with interest.” Nick Pope

The UFO appears to fly with immense control between trees and tall buildings, with knee jerk reactions when racing towards any object in its way! It is hard to tell but the UFO is either joined by another UFO or breaks into two towards the end of the surreal footage.

According to one report, the DHC-8 plane had taken off on just a general ‘routine’ flight when they had noticed this strange “pinkish to reddish light over the ocean approaching towards the south.”  Straight away there was a concern on the plane as to why nobody at the tower had “informed them of any incoming traffic “so immediately radioed it in!

A USC graphic showing the flight path of the object and craft

A USC graphic showing the flight path of the object and craft

It appears that there was much confusion that day. Apparently the tower responded immediately with:

“tower told them they also had a visual on the object, but they were unsure of its identity.”

The SCU confirmed that an actual flight was delayed due to this UFO hurtling through the sky.  It was confirmed that FedEx flight scheduled to leave at 9:10 pm was delayed until 9:26 pm.

The SCU has also released details from a Freedom of Information (FOI) Act request response which purportedly shows the DHC-8 took off at 9.16 pm and circled the airport twice before leaving the area after 10 minutes.

Please see below video details from the SCU:

There were also further details released which confirmed that tower tracked on radar an “unknown object” minutes before the DHC-8 took off which was offshore to the north and north waist of the airport from 8.58pm to 9.14pm.

The report stated that The object was between three to five feet in length and its speed varied between approximately 40 mph to 120 mph. Its median speed was roughly 80 mph.” But the really intriguing part about all this was that It said the object “apparently submerged into the ocean for over half a mile and flew back out.” Something which makes this object appear very ‘Alien’ to this world as there is no ‘known’ technology out there that is capable of this!?

It was then stated that the “researchers ruled out a theory the object was a balloon as wind speeds of “eight to 13 mph” at ground level and 12 to 18 mph at 400 to 3,200 feet”, meaning the object “was moving too fast to be carried by wind currents,” plus it seemed to submerge in water.  I am pretty sure I have never heard of a balloon act or behave in this manner before!? (return of the ‘weather balloon’ perhaps!?).

It was also mentioned that this could have been a type of bird….but, a peregrine falcon’s top speed in stoop was 69 mph, which immediately ‘dismisses’ this idea!

NOT the 'unknown object' in the video!

NOT the ‘unknown object’ in the video!

It had also been suggested that this could have been some kind of new Navy ‘drone’ called a ‘”flimmer” drone which can fly and dive under water, but has an air speed of 68mph! But immediately it was questioned WHY would such a test go ahead near a civilian airport?! Also the speed of the Flimmer is a lot slower than the top speed the UFO reached too.

The interesting report concluded with:

“There is NO explanation for an object capable of traveling under water at over 90 mph with minimal impact as it enters the water, through the air at 120 mph at low altitude through a residential area without navigational lights, and finally to be capable of splitting into two separate objects.

“No bird, no balloon, no aircraft, and no known drones have that capability.”

Could this 'unknown object' of been an Alien Scout type craft?

Could this ‘unknown object’ of been an Alien Scout type craft?


U.I.P SUMMARY – IF this is all completely true and not a hoax story, which from doing our homework this does appear to be very real, this could in fact be one HUGE piece of evidence towards ‘Disclosure’

It is not just the way that this UFO manoeuvres into the ocean at such an impressive speed it is the fact that the object appeared to be morphing into ‘different shapes’ whilst being followed on camera, and then eventually appears to break into TWO flying objects!

We have heard many stories about unidentified SUBMERGED UFO’s which have been a subject of discussion for sometime in the Ufology arena, but could this possibly be ‘evidence’ off one, caught on camera by the US Government!?

We will keep you updated on this….


Please see below an interesting video on other water based USO’s around the same part of the world:



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