Media Control And The ‘AWAKENING’

Media Control And The ‘AWAKENING’




WMD: Weapons OF Mass Deception

Through articles UIP have released we have talk about corporate media control and the propaganda machine for the elite (illuminati). There is no doubt the media corporations are being controlled by a few.

In 1983, fifty corporations dominated most of every mass medium and the biggest media merger in history was a $340 million deal. … [I]n 1987, the fifty companies had shrunk to twenty-nine. … [I]n 1990, the twenty-nine had shrunk to twenty three. … [I]n 1997, the biggest firms numbered ten and involved the $19 billion Disney-ABC deal, at the time the biggest media merger ever. … [In 2000] AOL Time Warner’s $350 billion merged corporation [was] more than 1,000 times larger [than the biggest deal of 1983].

The media corporations (MC) in America are controlled by just small group of elite people programing you to their own ends.  The media programing isn’t your television guide that’s beside you. It’s what you’re absorbing through your subconscious  while watching the television.

Look at our lives – A recent study showed that the average American spends approximately 153 hours a month watching television.


So now they have your attention whether you agree or not you will watch what the MC shows you. Don’t worry though as the CIA and elite has links to all and I’m sure they won’t let the wrong information out to make them look bad or maybe give someone an idea that would be detrimental to the elites plans or system. Instead they will pound the same message into you over and over. This is commonly called brainwashing and the MC and elite love it.



The obvious MC opinion spreads (brainwashing) can be seen easily as what would be an average story is spread across the globe instantly through a day. Bring in the MC. The reports which flow from the news outlets are over dramatized for a head line and create shock.

Here in Australian we had the Lindte cafe seize in 2015 which was reported overseas as a terrorist hostage situation. The reality was the apparent terrorist had multiple charges against him for rape and murder charge pending. He was mentally unstable and without doubt should have been locked up long before this siege as the Australian police knew all about him. They reported he had killed two hostages.

In reality one of those hostages had a heart attack and passed on the way to hospital. The other may possibly be hit in the crossfire when the police stormed the building.

OK he did follow Islam and he did hold up a black cloth which had “Allah is the one god” written in Arabic not an Islamic state flag. Now everyone is of the opinion it was a terrorist act as that’s what the TV told us.  Of course the ISIS press office immediately took responsibility for this mentally unstable persons actions – So where are the people claiming responsibility? We see Islamic State propaganda broadcast by major media outlets. Why? Do they want to help spread terror?

The media and its manipulative ways!

The media and its manipulative ways!



Before we even start on this as 911 as its focus, I’d like to draw your attention to scientific fact – FACT: Jet fuel burns rapidly at 800° to 1500°F, not hot enough to melt steel (2750°F).

They create a story to distract the public from the real issue that is a major issue. 911 was the perfect example of this at work. While instigating a war.

This was a distraction from Donald Rumsfeld’s announcement the previous day of the American department of defence losing track of 3.2 trillion dollars over the course of two years. This  is  over four times the departments annual budget. Lost and gone with no record. Who stands to gain? Military industrial complex? Oil families? Both?


911 – An awful tragic act of aggression, but off who?

Then there is the formula of  problem, cause, solution that happened with blame being immediately  placed firmly on Al Qaeda. A “terrorist” organisation based in Afghanistan. So the US military are put again into Iraq? This time removing and hanging Saddam Hussain. They never made a point of fact that Iraq had refused to join the American/European world Bank – The Rothschild’s bank. Following that the Afghanistan war commenced.

Yet again we had the Bush’s in power for a second attack in Iraq. When this happened of course the price of oil went up and military spending and supply went up. Which in turn is great for the Carlyel group and bush family and many other politicians. Don’t believe me? Look into the Carlyel group here’s a forty  minute documentary on the inner circle of the Carlyle group showing obvious conflict of interest and corruption at a high governmental level:

So now we see groups of politicians creating policies for profit from their military contracts and people’s loss of life. Is it any wonder the USA seems to be on a constant war footing.

The politicians are making massive amounts of money. The words “CONFLICT OF INTEREST” come to mind.  So what does this have to do with media programming. That’s easy you need the support of the people to go to war. So they instil fear and hate into the people by creating a war of terrorism through a lie. It works!

Now in 2016 we are still hearing about the war on terrorism. Honestly this is a war they never want to end as it is a cash cow and they will milk it for everything it’s worth. Now we have ISIS/ISIL  (Islamic state) instead of al Qaeda after reigning hide and seek champion Osama Bin Laden was found and shot. I refuse to believe they shot then destroyed the evidence by disposing of his body. The MC expect us to believe a politician as President Obama made the announcement about all of this – Then of course they release a movie within twelve months about the “secret” operation and people paid to see it!

Daesh (ISIS) - A western creation?

Daesh (ISIS) – A western creation?



Over the years the western media corporations have done nothing but ridicule UFO, alien existence. Why?  That’s easy. A ufo did crash at Roswell and it’s power source reversed engineered and understood.

This world would change to something amazing if released for public use.  But when you have a small group with massive amounts of power they will not relinquish that power without a fight. Certainly when the economics of the world domination plan work around a petrodollar.

The Internet is full of information on ufo’s and of course it unfiltered so we see the hoax pages as well. This of course is a hindrance in research as everything has a person who will debunk the selected video.  But the world media captures does capture ufo footage on occasion and is televised to the people. Some are impossible to debunk. Here’s some media captures from the BBC:



They are proceeding with desensitization of our children through the games consoles. Look at the world’s top selling game series “call of duty.” Even the name is saying it’s their duty to fight.

These games are violent in the extreme and glorify violence. They are not teaching them when you shot and dead it’s all over. No you respawn  fight again and get a better score.

The Lego game isn’t much better with you having to smash everything to advance.

While at school they are taught a history that is obviously full of holes. Possibly a religion they didn’t choose. Science from a text book with laws on physics without encouraging out of the box thinking.

So in essence we are training our children to have war and conformity as an everyday part of their life’s and how much fun it can be. Not the reality or horrors they see not to mention post traumatic stress disorder or seeing friends ripped apart. Not to mention the system that takes control of you life at birth.


Feeding children with violence - Video games!

Feeding children with violence – Video games!


I’ve heard the phrase “I would have to see it to believe it.” Well in 2016 this does not apply as computer generated images fill our world daily.

Digital deception:


What if I told you your whole life has been a lie? No this is not the matrix just a form of one.

From the moment of your birth the system claimed ownership of you through your birth certificate. I don’t know how many have heard of the strawman/freeman concept but I suggest you all have a look at this short video then do your own research for your region.


There is a documentary called strawman worth watching if you thought that clip was interesting..

There is also Vladimir Put in coming out with statements and intelligence  that points to something dark in control of the Islamic state. Here was a recent look at the Russian president from UIP –


Our freedoms are being continually whittled away in this fight against terrorism and people say we are being driven into slavery. The unfortunate truth is we are already slaves and the elite are stepping towards caging us permanently. There are a few out there fighting for our freedom but do they truly have your support. I hear people say they support a certain opinion given by a fighter for freedom. But truthfully they are afraid to stand in a march or rally and this is where your support is needed. No you need a permit to do this and we are again supporting the system and banking cartel.

The memory I always keep firmly in my mind is Dr Carol Robins testimony from the disclosure projects witness testimony.

The final card will be alien attack.

The only reprise we will have is a global awakening and uprising as the power accumulated by the elite extends to military and law enforcement on a global scale. These “people” need to revise what the system they serve is and realise they are the masters whip.

In fact I think we all need to.

Let’s step out of the cage!

Digger, MWV & UIP TEAM

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