Mysterious Huge Figure Seen Standing On The Clouds

Mysterious Huge Figure Seen Standing On The Clouds

Mysterious shadow figure walking on clouds plane passenger (3)

A passenger on-board an Easy Jet flight flying back Austria to Cork was informed by his fellow passengers on the plane that ‘something’ appeared stood up above the clouds.  Passenger Nick O’Donoghue said that his he noticed this unusual object after some of his fellow passengers suddenly sounded started and pointing towards the clouds below them at the strange spectacle in the sky.

Nick O’Donoghue told to the Dailymail newspaper:

“I was gazing out the window and was amazed to see a figure in the distance in front of us and then as we flew closer the bizarre shape of a human-like figure walking along the clouds appeared”.

Despite the figure was a bit away in the distance, I was able to watch the shadow figure for about two minutes and took some images of the strange phenomenon before then the aircraft slowly passed it.

To me, the shadow figure looks like a robot-like man or Michelin man but honestly I have no idea what it was, maybe it was just a rare cloud formation” said Nick.

Credit images: Nick O'Donoghue

Credit images: Nick O’Donoghue

U.I.P SUMMARY: Could it be that Nick has caught a complete wonder/miracle in the sky at over 30,000 feet, perhaps something from another world or another dimension, something that goes way beyond the human races capacity to understand?  Quite possibly, but at this moment in time U.I.P cannot clarify exactly WHAT this huge object in the sky is, but one thing we can promise you is that this is NO photo trickery – we can a 100% confirm this!

U.I.P have had similar things like this reported to us, although not quite this big and definitely not anything standing on top of the clouds – please check out below another sighting of a large ‘supposed’ figure accidentally caught on camera:

Dark cloaked figure caught on video:


Could these types of captures just be a trick of the eye, or perhaps something else?  When we first saw this capture in a post about a week ago we were dubious about posting it, however as much as we cannot confirm what it is and where it come from, one thing is for sure it’s real and looks incredibly ‘Being’ like – if you look at the below images you can even see what appears to be a face and a very sinister looking one at that! – please see below:


Please see below where we have highlighted the apparent features:


Yes this could be ‘just a cloud’ or perhaps something else, either way for now this crazy looking ‘Giant’ in the clouds is completely unexplainable!

Perhaps the LHC at CERN has already opened up doorways to other worlds!? – Please see our latest post on this –




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