Orb-Like UFO’s Seen Watching Over The War In Syria

Orb-Like UFO’s Seen Watching Over The War In Syria


One thing that we have always stated here at U.I.P is that the large brightly lit plasma Orbs which are showing up around the world, appear to be watching over us and reviewing our actions – This appears to be the case in the recent Syrian conflict.

We have reviewed the video evidence and enhanced some of the images and these objects are definitely sphere shaped and not your day to day military drones (unless they have designed Orb-Drones!?).

Many ufologists now believe that the Extra-terrestrial Beings are increasing in numbers due to how many conflicts are currently going on around the planet.  Not so long ago we wrote an article on this, about a senior Russian Soldier who recently confirmed that the ET’s can be summoned by our weapons of war (please click HERE for more on this).  Could it possibly be that the ET’s have grave concerns about how we are treating this planet ?

In world war two these strange Orbs were known as ‘Foo Fighters’ which used to follow the war planes in the sky (please click HERE for more).

It was two UFO researchers who have allegedly spotted two UFOs buzzing past a Russian drone, as it fires missiles over Syria in a Russian news report – when you look at the movement of the two sphere objects they certainly appear to be moving in a controlled manner.

Please check out the video below (please ignore the guy presenting – we have checked this for ourselves and this video is a 100% legit):

The investigators, who are based in Mexico, posted a video to YouTube with their commentary on the two “orbs” which are seen to dart past the drone strike in a news report by Russian news station Russia Today.

TV investigator Carlos Clement said in the film:

“We can see two UFOs moving near this aircraft”.

“An aircraft was recording the bombing moment and these images were recorded un infrared”.

“The two spheres were flying in the opposite direction.

“In slow motion we can see their movement and in close-up we can see they are spheres.” He said.

This is not the first time there have been claims of UFOs monitoring military action on Earth.  Recently we posted a story about an American ‘Command Sergeant’ who admitted to an ET ‘interference’  during weapon training who stated at the time it was almost like the weapons had created the “UFO’s to appear” (please click HERE).




U.I.P SUMMARY – Syria is one of the most pitiful places in the world at the moment sadly due to 5 years of conflict in a brutal bloody civil war.  Unfortunately the West thought it would be a good idea to arm the ‘moderate'(?) Rebels which coincidentally at the time the Islamic State appeared on the scene! The country is in a horrid state with the Syrian Government situated in one part of the country and bloody thirsty sadistic terrorist groups spread out across the rest of the country.  The US and it’s allies have been bombing ISIS over the last year and Russia have upped the odds recently of defeating ISIS by flying many bombing sorties in a short period of time.

The country has become one of the bloodiest places in the world and a place where everybody is everybody’s enemy – no wonder the ET’s appear to have an interest in the country as it’s a complete disaster and shows the ugly side of humanity, with thousands of innocent civilians and animals being caught up in the horrific street battles!

From looking at the incredible short footage at a guess we would have to say that these two white sphere like objects appear to be like the ‘Scout’ Orbs that have been caught in the skies before – They appear to be watching us and reviewing our actions.

If the ET’s are watching us then imagine what they think about the behaviour of mankind and what hope there is for this planet!? Lets not forget that one significant similar sighting which happened 73 years ago on the 25th February 1942, when a large bright sphere shaped UFO appeared above Los Angeles and was met with a barrage of rockets and gunfire from the US Military down below, before it simply took off and disappeared into the night sky – The ET’s must see us as a rather aggressive ‘controlling’ species! (please click HERE).

No wonder the Alien Beings don’t talk to us all directly.


Art by Raphael Terra @http://ufoartist.blogspot.co.uk/

Art by Raphael Terra @http://ufoartist.blogspot.co.uk/

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