PROJECT ISIS: The Discovery Of a 13,000 Year Old Ancient Alien Visitor

PROJECT ISIS: The Discovery Of a 13,000 Year Old Ancient Alien Visitor



First things first this is NOTHING to do with those vile sub-humans Daesh (self proclaimed Islamic State) this is about a supposed project led by the Russian KGB back in 1961, with the main purpose of discovering ‘Alien Technology!’  This apparently then followed an incredible discovery of an Ancient Extra-terrestrial body inside a tomb in the Giza Plateau in Egypt.

One of the tombs where the Ancient Alien was found

One of the tombs where the Ancient Alien was found

Back in the days of the Cold War between Russia and the United States and its allies, the Russians started to become concerned that the Americans were beginning to gain a technology advantage over them, which they believed was due to reverse Alien Technology (possibly discovered after the Roswell incident – Click HERE for more).

The Russians became determined to acquire advanced alien technology themselves, so they used their intelligence services to locate several places where extra-terrestrial artefacts might be found.

One of these places was an ancient tomb located in the Giza Plateau in Egypt, in which they based their search on an old legend about the ‘Tomb of the Visitor God’

Russian military personnel with protective gear entering the tomb

Russian military personnel with protective gear entering the tomb

According to rumours it was actually two Bedouins who accidentally come across the apparent resting place of our ET visitor.  The two apparently became extremely ill after their shocking find inside the tomb and had to go into intensive care in hospital.  From their hospital beds they managed to confirm the exact location of the tomb to Egyptian officials.

The Russians managed to sort a deal with their Egyptian allies for information and the whereabouts of this secret tomb, before the Americans managed to get involved! immediately the Russians managed to put together an emergency expedition, named Project ISIS – A group of old Soviet Egyptologists, leading scientists and military personnel were assisted by their Egyptian counterparts in locating the top secret tomb, sounding very much like an Indiana Jones storyline. This information has been verified by Russian scientist Viktor Ivanvich, who had access to classified KGB documents:

“There is no doubt that a small group of Russian scientists with military experts have discovered a tomb in Egypt in 1961. But in the documents it has never been revealed exactly what was found inside the sarcophagus. Only sources of the highest ranks of the KGB know that we have found the remains of an alien creature that died in Egypt 10,000 before Christ.” He said.

Who was/is the Alien visitor?

Who was/is the Alien visitor? Named ‘Visitor God’

The Russians together with their Egyptian counterparts managed to discover the whereabouts of the unusual tomb and reportedly secured numerous artefacts.  Apparently a report from a senior KGB officer stated that there were at least 15 boxes of artifacts were taken from the Tomb of the ‘Visitor God’.

There were many Hieroglyphic inscriptions in the tomb which were copied by the investigators on site.  There was a rather creepy message inscribed on the walls from a prophecy foretelling about the return of a ‘winged alien god’.  Even stranger was a mention in the report about a presence of some kind of ‘protective barrier’ it was noted that:

“During the inspection of the walls we noticed a strange repulsive force coming out of the walls. We could not find any scientific explanation.” Claimed the report

Could it be that some kind of ancient alien technology was set up to protect the Alien visitor!?

The most strangest thing about the top secret Project ISIS project was the mummified body of the Visitor God himself, carefully placed inside a large sarcophagus. The body was estimated to be at least 13,000 years old and was also a lot taller than your average human being.

According to Egyptian mythology, the first dynasty was established by the god-man Osiris, who descended on Earth in a flying boat.’ Is this a reference to a UFO and if so, did Project ISIS really find this civilizing alien god’s mummified body?

The TRUTH is written on the walls?

The TRUTH is written on the walls?

Please see below video evidence of this discovery.  It is a rather poor quality black and white video with details of the archaeological dig and was allegedly obtained through a Russian intermediary with access to the secret KGB archives:

U.I.P have checked this video footage thoroughly and it appears the real deal.  The video shows footage of Soviet military personnel entering the tomb without protective gear and two soldiers lifting the lid off the sarcophagus – You can see from the footage what appears to be some kind of strange toxic gas rising which makes the men come back with protective gear on and gas masks.

U.I.P SUMMARY – One of the most important things about this incredible story is that forensic Scientists have confirmed that this video is 100% genuine! It is clearly not possible to confirm that the mummified figure was an Alien god one thing is for sure, this story appears very much the real deal.

It may also be a complete coincidence that this creepy project has the same name as the self-called ‘ISIS’ (Islamic State) but the more us guys here at U.I.P research into this story the more real it feels, almost as if this story has some very important significance to some of the events going on around the world today.

It is also important to remember that Russian Politicians have been heard off camera discussing about Alien Beings.  It has been said that major Russian political figures actually DEMAND the US to agree on disclosure about the Extra-terrestrials – please check out our link and video below –

We will keep you updated on this very interesting story – who knows perhaps our ET visitors today are linked to this ‘Alien Visitor’






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