Spread the word that the Truth is coming!


UFO International Project (U.I.P) has only been going for the last few years as an official UFO research project, and in that time we have gained success beyond belief, reaching out to thousands of people across the world daily and working with some of the biggest names in Ufology – including Stephen Bassett and Nick Pope (some more big names to come).

All of us here at U.I.P have extensive background research into UFO’s and the majority of us have experienced sightings beyond belief, hence we do what we do today (Please click HERE to read more about WHY we are all so passionate about discovering the truth).

U.I.P is different to any other UFO research team because we actually want to work with YOU in order to seek and discover the TRUTH together, something too many other UFO research teams do not appear to care much for, especially the likes of MUFON.  These are interesting times, and as you can probably already see, we are purely only in this to dig out the truth from those who hide it from us!

We would all like to thank each and every one of you for your amazing support and for uniting with us! Unity is what the human race needs in order to ever have any communication with the beings who watch over us in the sky.  Please spread the word that U.I.P is now in town, and looking to rattle as many cages as possible on the way of discovering the truth and having our very own DISCLOSURE!

Please share our video attached that one of our team put together kindly (Hunter) and also please share every one of our posts – Lets get the ‘truth’ out there people and wake the population of Planet Earth.

Its great having you all aboard this Truth seeking Ride.

MWV, & The U.I.P Team


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