Aliens Looking through A Telescope – How Would They See Us?

Would aliens even be interested in looking at humans for any reason? If aliens do exist do they have the telescopes to view us from a different planet? Let’s assume they do exist and also have telescopes to keep a watch on us. The next question that would come to mind is how would they see us?

The human race has believed that aliens have a superior mindset along with an intelligence level which is higher along with the facilities they need to see us. Statements from the people who believe in the existence of aliens have also spoken about them having sophisticated technology which would allow them not just to see through our bodies but also our minds. However, no evidence exists to prove aliens are present in the galaxy or are even watching us and therefore trying to make conclusions how they could be seeing us would be a matter of conjecture.

Let us consider for a moment that aliens do exist and use sophisticated telescopes to see us. They would certainly be looking at us as primitive earthly creatures that are involved in different types of activities. Their highly intelligent brains would perhaps decipher our lives and even grab a view of our thoughts. Despite having sophisticated technology in their possession, they are unlikely to be interested in Mario casino mobile because they may not find it attractive or even consider it too much for their time.

Aliens looking through a telescope would be interested in the kind of lives we are leading and the technology we use every day despite having sophisticated devices to keep watch over us. They would be wondering whether they will ever get an opportunity to invade this planet to take over the earthly pleasures we have surrounded ourselves with. Of course, we cannot discount the possibility of a Darth Vader also being present among the aliens and planning how he could eliminate us all to become the sole master of the universe.

Numerous theories could be promoted by people about how aliens would view us through a telescope but the fact remains that we are still uncertain about whether any life even exists beyond this planet. The few people that have made claims they were abducted by aliens and given stories like Star Wars have been proven as people with unsound minds or perhaps high on substances which they shouldn’t have had. It would, therefore, be a waste of time to even consider the possibilities of aliens having the telescope and using it to view humans and wondering what they think about us.

Let us now take into account the mind of an alien if one exists in the outer galaxy. Even if the alien had a telescope to see us wouldn’t it be possible for it to consider us just as frightening or friendly as they are? Wouldn’t the alien be amazed by the technological advances we have made along with the kind of infrastructure we have in our possession? Wouldn’t the aliens believe it is time for them to leave planet earth and consider some other plant where things are identical to their surroundings? The possibilities are endless and aliens could very well believe they should not be meddling in our affairs and decide to stay by themselves after looking through a telescope.

Kaya Johnson – U.I.P Guest Writer

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