Hidden History: Australian Egyptian Ancient Aliens


Ancient history in my belief has always been full of holes and a lot has been untold or hidden. The ancient civilisations rarely have been credited for their advance building techniques and never the possibility’s of worldwide transportation. The stone and bronze ages where never apparently world wide travellers. Is there a cover up going on in archaeological records? I believe so and what leads me this belief is a rarely advertised and is in my homeland of Australia.

What I’m revealing in this article is the fact that the Egyptians have made there way to Australia with an Alien twist. This information is heavily ridiculed by most archaeologist but the evidence remains. From hieroglyphs that speak of the journey here. Rock paintings that the aboriginal people take no claim to. Carved statues and believe it or not pyramids that where destroyed under government orders.

The paintings

U.I.P did an article on the Wanjina people cave paintings in the kimberlys western Australia which the aboriginals called the “spirit sky people” which makes me wonder what they saw to recreate these paintings. To me it’s pretty obvious and not of this world. But there are is also a completely different art style found in the same region originally called Bradshaw paintings after the man who found them. I first saw these in the late early eighths on a TV show by Major Les Hiddins aka The bush tucker man who was commissioned by the Australian army to document Australian bush tucker. He spent extensive time with regional aboriginal people and said the aboriginal elders claimed they where not their paintings.

On closer inspection they reminded him of African paintings with the clothing and detail in them.

You can watch the same program here if you skip to the 12:30 mark you see his small piece on the Bradshaw paintings.

More recently there has been a push in the area for conservation as its under threat from mining corporations and is covered extensively in the ABC 7.30 report and gives some excellent images of Wanjina paintings and the Bradshaw’s.

OK so at some point the African people where on Australian soil in my opinion as the aboriginals stake no claim to them and call them “rubbish paintings”.

The Gosford Hyroglyphs

When I first heard about these I was blowen away and is what started my research which then became this article.

Visual observation of the site makes it obvious that the worn carvings exposed to the coastal weather would have to be several centuries to thousands of years old. When first found the site was completely overgrown with thick vegetation and filled in with smashed rock and a much higher soil line. A number of excavation attempts by interested parties have only turned up one artefact. No bodies or Tombs but sophisticated and expensive laser scanning and sonar techniques have not been applied. There is also significant evidence that the ancients were well aware of the Great South land.

There are Sumerian and Mayan legends of a “lost motherland” in the Pacific region.

Just north of Sydney of a small dirt road between two rock walls chronicle the tragic saga of ancient explorers shipwrecked in a strange and hostile land, and the untimely death of their royal leader, “Lord Djes-eb”. A group of three cartouches (framed clusters of glyphs) record the name of “RA-JEDEF” as reigning King of the Upper and Lower Nile, and son of ‘Khufu’ who, in turn, is son of the King ‘Sneferu’.

This dates the expedition just after the reign of King Khufu – known in the Greek as “Cheops” alleged builder of the Great Pyramid. Lord Djes-eb may have actually been one of the sons of the Pharaoh Ra Djedef, who reigned after Khufu. The hieroglyphic text was apparently written under the instruction of a ship’s captain or similar, with the corner glyph on the wall displaying the title of a high official or chief priest. The scribe is speaking for his Highness, the Prince, from this wretched place where we were carried by ship.

The expedition’s leader, is described in the inscriptions as the King’s son, ‘Lord Djes-eb’, who came to grief a long way from home. The hieroglyphics sketch his journey and his tragic demise. Burial rituals, prayers and preparations are allegedly described.

“For two seasons he made my way westward, weary, but strong to the end.

Always praying, joyful, and smiting insects.

He, the servant of God, said God brought the insects.

Have gone around hills and deserts, in wind and rain, with no lakes at hand.

He was killed while carrying the Golden Falcon Standard up front in a foreign land, crossing mountains, desert and water along the way.

He, who died before, is here laid to rest.

May he have life everlasting. He is never again to stand beside the waters of the Sacred Mer. Mer meaning ‘love’.

There was a moat around the pyramid called the “waters of Mer”.

The second facing wall, which was much more seriously eroded, details the tragedy further.

This wall begins with the badly eroded glyph of a snake (Heft), with a glyph of jaws (to bite) and the symbol for ‘twice’.

The snake bit twice.

Those followers of the diving Lord ‘Khufu’, mighty one of Lower Egypt, Lord of the Two Adzes, not all shall return.

We must go forward and not look back.

All the creek and river beds are dry. Our boat is damaged and tied up with rope.

Death was caused by snake.

We gave egg-yolk from the medicine-chest and prayed to Amen, the Hidden One, for he was struck twice.

We walled in the side entrance to the chamber with stones from all around.

We aligned the chamber with the Western Heavens.

The three doors of eternity were connected to the rear end of the royal tomb and sealed in.

We placed beside it a vessel, the holy offering, should he awaken from the tomb.

Separated from home is the Royal body and all others.

Here we find inscribed the extraordinary story of the death and burial of Lord Djes-eb one of the sons of the Pharaoh Ra Djedef”.

This is just part of the translation if you want an in-depth look at the glyphs and translation including the crystal boats/ufos have a look at Steven Young translating and explaining  the glyphs. Steven goes to show further glyphs in the area and an embalming table of melted rock something found in the regions of the Mayan people and at Tiwanaku. He also talks about the UFO symbols on the stone faces and the aboriginal story’s of their origins from the Pilates star system and their spiritual beliefs.

The Statues

There where only a few statues found north of Brisbane Queensland outside a town called Gympie and most are in private collections now and difficult to find photos or traces of. The first is the ape statue which is located now at the back of the Gympie museum.

The Pyramids

Through researching this article I came across story’s of a pyramid structure located in Gympie Queensland that was destroyed by a small group of men using machinery for building materials in the early fifties commissioned by the government.  What remains is now overgrown with vegetation and weather worn. And barely resembles a pyramid nowadays. Small artefacts of scarab Beatles and necklace pendants have also been found. And smaller statues. The site still to this day has some stepped terraces which is similar to the early dynasty pyramids in Egypt.

There are also other claims on pyramids in Australia Walsh mountain near cairns north Queensland is one. Another is pyramid hill outside Rockhampton Queensland.

According to Cairo Times, in 1982, archaeologists working at Fayum, near the Siwa Oasis uncovered fossils of kangaroos and other Australian marsupials. There’s also the unexplained set of golden boomerangs and aboriginal art discovered by Prof. Howard Carter in the tomb of Tutankhamen

U.I.P Summary

This article research has been interesting to say the least and has definetly put some sites to see on my bucket list living in Brisbane Australia.

 Although it’s heavily ridiculed by archeologists  around the world the evidence is there along with storys of a government cover up. I will never underestimate the intelligence the ancient civilisations or the aboriginal people of Australia and its my firm belief that there is more to find.

Steven Young is at the fore front of research on the Gosford  Hyroglyphs and is well studied in the Egyptian writing forms. And his statements on the “UFO” glyphs and the ancient alien theory into part of the aboriginal dremtime is brilliant but as usual ridiculed. The crystal boats he talks about reminds me of the Japanese legend of the lady washed ashore in Japan in a crystal boat. But finally its up to you to deciede what to believe. I hope you enjoyed the article as much as I have researching it.

Peace and love

Digger (Rex)

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