Mathematicians Confirm “Self Replicating Alien Probes Are Already In Our Galaxy”

Mathematicians Confirm “Self Replicating Alien Probes Are Already In Our Galaxy”


Could it be that the UFO’s in the sky are actually Alien ‘probes’? According to leading Mathematicians YES!

In recent months a new statement from two top mathematicians in the UK, from the University of Edinburgh, have stated that “Alien probes” could very well be operating in our very own Solar System – Possibly scouting the area for signs of life and habitable planets.

Could this mean that the now well-known Black Knight Satellite might actually be a reality? And now supported by Science? It appears that way doesn’t it.  This could also help explain what many of these sightings are seen above the planet, including those bright pulsing large Orbs that many of us around the world have witnessed over the years.

Could those Orbs in Space have been sent into space 'scouts'?

Could those Orbs in Space have been sent into space ‘scouts’?


The scientists from the University of Edinburgh believe that there is a good possibility that “self-replicating” robotic ET spacecraft are now exploring our very own solar system that we live in. If true, these probes would be a product of such highly advanced technology, impossible for us to yet understand – it could also mean that these probes could even appear completely invisible to human beings, the researchers said.

The basic rules to slingshot g a craft into space

The basic rules to slingshot g a craft into space

Powerful computers were used to come up with these predictions, of which the two mathematicians then analysed the possibility that probes could travel through space, which was highlighted in a study published in the ‘Journal of Astrobiology’

The two gentleman involved, Duncan Forgan and Arwen Nicholson have confirmed the possibility that there may very well be highly advanced ET races taking advantage of the intense ‘gravitational field’ of the stars in order to speed up their high-tech craft travelling through space.

Perhaps the UFO’s that we see near the Sun are using this technique to travel the vastness of space!?  Us humans already use this “technique” take for example the Voyager probe which uses the gravitational field of the planets in our solar system to gain and travel through the depths of space and time – perhaps some of the Alien crafts have super intelligent robots onboard, looking for other planets to discover and in some cases possibly to even attempt to take over!?  (Please click HERE to read more about this!).

The voyager craft in space - Humans own 'probe'

The voyager craft in space – Humans own ‘probe’

The intriguing mathematical analysis that supports this theory, has suggested that you could quite possibly have a fleet of alien probes out there, with incredibly advanced technology onboard which could self-replicate itself, creating new realities for themselves, whilst at the same time making full use of any cosmic dust and gas, then dividing into parent and child probes which would set off to explore a different star, in their goal to look for signs of life and so on in their never-ending journey throughout the vastness of the universe!  They would make our Voyager craft look somewhat ‘prehistoric’ in comparison.

It has also been suggested that this level of technology is that advanced that these “alien” probes could explore any galaxy out there in the vastness of space, in a relatively short time. Let’s not forget that there are planets out there which have millions if not even BILLIONS of years ahead of us – just imagine the level of technology any beings on these types of planets may have discovered.

Alien probes in space, possibly sent by advanced civilizations

Alien probes in space, possibly sent by advanced civilizations

The researcher made by Duncan Forgan and Arwen Nicholson coincides with a study made by Jacob Haqq-Misra in 2011, where it is suggested that extraterrestrial objects could exist right now in our solar system without our knowledge. These objects are so advanced technologically speaking that we couldn’t even identify them even if we wanted, perhaps our minds could not even comprehend their existence.  Or could it be that some of these strange UFO’s seen in the skies above us, could actually be Alien probes, scouting for life.

The scientists said interestingly went on to conclude that:

‘We can conclude that a fleet of self-replicating probes can indeed explore the Galaxy in a sufficiently short time…orders of magnitude less than the age of the Earth.’

U.I.P SUMMARY – It really does feel like we are being ‘drip fed’ information nowadays about the existence of life beyond planet earth! Who knows perhaps there is some kind of  major project at hand which involves some of the worlds key figures in Science to push out the TRUTH onto the masses!  I still believe that the ‘Elite’ are not going to confirm the existence of Alien life anytime soon and NOW is the time that we push harder than ever in order to find out who our ET visitors are.

This story is very similar to my own personal thoughts on some of the UFO’s captured in the skies above us.  I have often said that some of these strange looking crafts/Orbs caught above Earth, could very well be ET technology sent out into space to scout for life beyond their own solar system.  Some people may ‘scoff’ at this suggestion, but is it really that daft to say that some advanced alien civilizations out there may have the technology to send out space probes to discover what lies beyond….NO of course it isn’t, as we are doing it ourselves with the Voyager craft, which is probably a very basic version of what the ET’s are using in space.

Who knows perhaps the Black Knight satellite seen above earth is actually an Alien probe which was sent out to find other lifeforms, or who knows perhaps it has made to watch over us all!?  It is very interesting how the recent Pepsi advert is all about the Black Knight Satellite and deciphering the code on-board the unknown mysterious craft, which at the end of the advert shows the masses on Planet earth uniting for some strange kind of ‘New World Order’ –  Perhaps the scene is being set out, as to what’s to come!?

No matter what these unknown UFO’s are, one thing is for sure we are VERY much NOT alone in the Universe.


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