Welcome fellow Truth Seekers!


WELCOME fellow Truth Seekers!

Many of you will already know of us (UIP) from our Facebook page, but as promised here is our brand new Website, which has been designed to keep you updated on all UFO events and strange goings on, but most importantly this page has been designed to work with you too!

This website is an on-going project and being worked on as much as possible so that we can inform you about as much as we know, so we will be updating all areas on a daily basis! Please register as a member on here and share YOUR sighting in our ‘Report a sighting’ section and please also comment on any areas you have your views on or things to share about…It’s important we work together, something ‘other’ UFO research organisations didn’t appear to see the importance of sadly.

2014 was an incredible year for sightings and as I’ve mentioned before on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/UFOInternationalProject) a lot of us feel that something incredible is on the horizon for 2015! These are extremely exciting times, also a time when we, the UFO research community, unite and need to rattle as many cages as possible in order to get the one thing we all want to know – The TRUTH!

Please share our website link and facebook/twitter pages to all you know and spread the word, that the Truth is coming and UIP are here to drag it out kicking and screaming! Hopefully soon we shall learn about who our visitors in the sky are and most importantly WHY they are here.

Thank you for being a part of our Project 🙂

MWV, O.P.S & The Team

The truth is coming!

The truth is coming!

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