The Rhodope Skull – Physical PROOF Of Extra-terrestrial Existence?!

The Rhodope Skull – Physical PROOF Of Extra-terrestrial Existence?!


With all of this talk and debate over life beyond planet earth, could it be that we ALREADY have PROOF of an Extraterrestrial Being?  It appears so and interestingly this particular important find has been kept out of the public eye!

The existence of Alien Beings has been shunned by the Scientific community since day one of the whole discussion, usually denied due to the lack of physical evidence at hand – perhaps this is the actual physical evidence that will change everything?

Many finds such as the Rhodope skull have been shunned as fakes or hoaxes, but this particular find could very much be the real deal – unfortunately this will never be admitted publically, in fear of how the religious folk of this planet would respond to such a find.

The Rhodope alien skull, is such a fascinating artefact, quite unlike anything ever seen or discovered before.  This could potentially be a ‘game changer’.

The skull in all its glory!

The skull in all its glory!

This intriguing find was discovered in the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria by a 38-year old local man from Plovdiv, a city located 90 miles (150 kilometres) southeast of the capital city of Sofia! Interestingly the man who discovered this mysterious skull has kept his identity hidden, and even more interesting is the fact that a rather strange ‘oval-shaped’ metal object was discovered next to the creepy looking skull.

It is said that Alien Beings visited the man prior to his discovery of the Alien Skull.

It is said that Alien Beings visited the man prior to his discovery of the Alien Skull – Art by Raphael Terra @

The man who discovered the skull told how he had a dream prior to his mysterious find, of Alien Beings dressed in yellow metallic suits.  In the dream these odd Alien Beings showed the man exactly where the skull was located with the oval shaped object, which was located in the Rhodope Mountains, near the border between Bulgaria and Greece – where on May 21, 2001, after a presumably wild goose chase, he found the skull near the exact spot revealed in the dream, almost as if it was meant to be.


The Rhodope Mountain where the skull was discovered.

The Rhodope Mountain where the skull was discovered.

This exciting find created a lot of interest in the science world at first and also quite a lot of controversy too as some leading analysts and ufologists who first encountered the skull considered this as clear evidence of extra-terrestrial beings here on Earth!


Just after the discovery the man only presented his find to a very few selected people, but it was not long after this that the secret was out and he had interest being showed from all around the world – even from some government agencies.

It was not long until government agents were showing an interest in the mysterious skull.

It was not long until government agents were showing an interest in the mysterious skull.

The bizarre cranium was first examined by leading archaeologist Katya Malamet of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and by Professor Dimiter Kovachev, the Director of the Paleontology Museum in Asenovgrad. It was then agreed by both of them said they have never seen anything like it before – and hinted that this was an ‘important’ discovery!

The unusual skull structure is about the same size as a babies but the bone structure is actually a lot thinner and lighter (only weighs about 250 grams – 8.8 ounces).  Now THIS is where things get very strange, the skull has SIX cavities that the leading researchers firmly believe belonged to the alien’s sensory organs. Startlingly when alive, this unknown Being would have possessed ‘SIX EYES’ or possibly even maybe other completely ‘unknown’ organs that we may not yet understand. Very strangely, it has no mouth hole where we would expect to find one, making this skull very unique indeed.

Please see below more views of the Alien looking skull:


With finds such as this the sceptics always come out into the open and appear to shout louder than anybody else.  Professor Kovachev is a 100% positive the skull is not a fossil, as it does not resemble any hominid skull known to science so far. But just because we do not know about it does this mean it cant be of an alien origin !? The Professor went on to say:

“We couldn’t find any analogy or correlation with anything from the past 30 million years.”

There have been many suggestions as to what this skull could have belonged to, perhaps even some kind of unknown animal from days been and gone! It has also been suggested that this could be some kind of genetically engineered Being created by the Atlanteans, as suggested by Bulgarian psychic Koubrat Tomov.  The Psychic believes that this skull is evidence of a failed experiment thousands of years ago.

It has even been suggested that this could have been an alien being discovered in the second world war, by soldiers who dug over it in order to try and hide the evidence of life beyond planet earth.

Could soldiers from world war 2 have buried this scary unknown find?

Could soldiers from world war 2 have buried this scary unknown find?

U.I.P SUMMARY – It was confirmed not so long ago that the villager who discovered this skull was offered a ‘significant’ amount of money to sell the skull, of which he has refused for a long time.  Unfortunately the skull appears to have vanished from the face of the planet with many people suggesting that it was sold to the Rockefeller, who apparently have a deep interest in Alien technology! The skull had disappeared before ay scientists could do any important DNA analysis and carbon dating tests on it – but at a guess these test probably have happened and somebody somewhere is keeping very quiet about the findings!

The evidence behind this skull could OFFICIALLY prove to the world that Alien Beings exist and have visited Planet Earth, but it appears that the person who know owns it does not want to share this information.

Yes this story could have been exaggerated, however after we did some digging we can confirm that the scientists/researchers mentioned in this post did investigate this odd skull, which in itself proves that this is a very true story!  There is a very good chance that we are dealing with a real cranium of an alien being, or the remains of a undiscovered or now extinct species on the planet. This discovery could be one of the biggest pieces of evidence out there, confirming that we are not alone in the Universe and that we have been visited for a very long time.




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