23 Soldiers Turned To Stone By UFO After It Was Shot At – CIA Report Confirms (On Their Website)

Probably one of the most strangest and creepiest OFFICIAL UFO/Alien reports (on the CIA’s website) which has been released out into the public domain.  A top secret CIA report claims a troop of Russian soldiers gunned down a UFO only to be ‘turned into stone by the surviving aliens’ – and no this isn’t a made up story!

The now declassified document includes allegations 23 soldiers were killed by five ETs from the flying saucer after a deadly encounter in Siberia in 1993.

The intriguing document, which can be found on the official CIA website, is actually a translation of a report from a Ukrainian newspaper.  Please check out the link to the CIA’s website below and the article on this bizarre event:


The newspaper reports of a 250-page KGB dossier on the UFO attack, which included pictures and witness testimonies!  The creepy report had stated that the flying saucer like UFO had appeared over a military unit training in Siberia.  One of the soldiers is then said to have taken it down with a surface-to-air missile.

It then went on to say:

“Five short humanoids with large heads and large black eyes got out.”

Just two soldiers are said to have survived the encounter! Many believe that the ET’s were the Alien Grey’s, especially what with the description of them!

Alien Greys!


Just like something out of a Science Fiction film, the report claims five alien beings emerged from the crashed craft and the joined together to form a ball of light which then exploded turning 23 soldiers ‘into stone’. It has been suggested that this huge ball of light is like one of those many huge orb like UFO’s that are being seen across the planet.

The report reads:

“The KGB report goes on to say that the remains of the ‘petrified soldiers’ were transferred to a secret research institution near Moscow.

“Specialists assume that a source of energy still unknown to Earthlings instantly changed the structure of the soldiers living organisms, having transformed it into a substance whose molecular structure was no different to limestone.”

A CIA representative stated nervously at the end of the report:

“If the KGB file corresponds to reality, this is an extremely menacing case.

“The aliens possess such weapons and technology that go beyond all our assumptions.”

The C.I.A -appear nervous about what the ET’s are capable of.


It is not explained in the document why the CIA held a translation of the Ukrainian newspaper report on file! However it has been suggested that the US were spying on the Russians and somehow managed to gain details of this strange event – it has also been suggested that perhaps this is yet more misinformation from the elite!?

The really bizarre thing about this report, is not just the nature of the story itself and what happened to these soldiers, it is the fact this story has NEVER been denied by either the Russians or the Ukrainians, and clearly the CIA having it documented in their website is no joking matter for an official government agency.

Lets not forget, the NSA have also reported ‘ET contact’ on their website.  Perhaps this is a way for the world leaders to cover their backs in the future when disclosure does come about, so they can say “well we did make it public”.

The NSA’s message from the Extraterrestrials, on their website!

As much as this story seems very over the top, it is an official CIA report and it does make you ponder about how much the elite really do know about the ET’s – and if true these weapons the ET possess are beyond all levels of terrifying!

Perhaps this is what happened to the stone Terracotta army?! Just a thought! (please click here for more on this!).



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