HUGE Cigar Shaped Craft Captured On Camera Above US Lake- They Are HERE

UFO sightings are back on the rise and this recent Cigar shaped craft sighting is a rather fantastic capture.  CHILLING footage has emerged of an unidentified flying object above a lake in the US, sparking confirmation of alien life on Earth.

In the clip, a man is filming a lake on his mobile phone before a startling sight leaves him convinced he has seen an alien ship. Apparently the cameraman was that excited/anxious, hence how shaky the camera is!

“Hey, this is a spacecraft,” the cameraman says as he turns his camera around.

And above the water, a silver line can be seen hovering, not like anything ‘man-made’ and seen ever before!

As the footage is slowed down, it becomes clearer that the object looks like a cigar above the tree line.

This was captured at Lake Norman in North Carolina, US, and shared on YouTube channel The Hidden Underbelly 2.0.

And the terrifying footage has re-fuelled the debate on whether there is alien life or planet earth! Some believed this is solid evidence!?

“Yes, we have many of them here. Among other things we’ve seen here,” one viewer said.

“There is more going on than you know.”

While another added: “Great catch!”

But there are some who had other ideas.

A third said: “I believe there are advanced military aircraft in our skies.”

This is not the only time UFOs have been spotted recently, though. A cloud that looked suspiciously like a flying saucer appeared over a tower block earlier this month, making many wonder whether this was some kind of cloaked craft!

While a police helicopter in America circled a UFO above Los Angeles in July – please check out the clip below!


It definitely does appear that UFO sightings are back on the rise with this great capture (even though the cameraman finds it pretty much impossible to stand still whilst recording!).  When the video stops shaking around so much you can quite clearly see that it is a cigar shaped craft and quite unlike any ‘human made’ craft.

We recently reported that UFO sightings are starting to drop in number, we now appear to have to eat our own words! The truth of the matter is that the elite are trying to restrict us all from what we see and KNOW!


Cigar Shaped UFO Near a Nuclear Weapons Base in Texas – Sighting Report



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