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If you have seen a UFO at any time in the past or present, we would be very interested in receiving a report of your experience. Please fill out the form below to report your UFO sighting.

The more detailed information that you can provide, the more useful it is for readers and for researchers. You may wish to first write your report using a word processor (such as MS Word or WordPad), and then copy the text into the appropriate fields below – this way, you can save your report in case there is any problem with the form.

We appreciate all the reports that we receive.

Date of Sighting: (Approximate Year / Month or Date is fine)

Location of Sighting: (City, County, Country or area please - as specific as possible)

Description of Sighting: (Just a brief 13 sentence summary of your sighting)

Full Description and Details of Sighting: (Please provide as much detail as possible. The more detailed information that you can provide, the more useful it is for readers and for researchers)

Appearance / Description of the Object(s) (What did it/they look like?). You may wish to include shape, color, brightness, etc

Size of object(s) If possible, please give estimates of both relative size and actual size:
For relative size, if you held your arms stretched out in front of you, how far apart would your fingers or hands have to be to cover the UFO, for example "2 inches across"? For actual size, what do you think was the actual size of the object (e.g. 30ft wide by 15ft tall). If possible, please give both estimates.

Estimated Distance & Altitude (height) of object(s): If possible, please give estimates of how far away the object(s) was, and how high the object was.

Daytime or Nightime: DaytimeNighttime

Approximate Time of Sighting (e.g. 10:30 PM):

Describe the Area / Surroundings: (Was it an urban or rural area? What was the surrounding area like? Also, were there any special sites or features near the area -- such as military bases, power plants, etc?)

Duration of Sighting (how long the sighting lasted):

Number of Witnesses (how many people, including yourself, saw the object/s):

Do you think your sighting can be explained as being any conventional man-made or natural object? Natural objects include stars, planets (e.g. Venus), the moon, birds, and clouds. Man-made objects include airplanes, satellites, blimps, and weather balloons.

Did you report this sighting / experience to anyone previously? If Yes to whom and when?

Additional Information

What are your views on UFOs, before and after your sighting? How much did you know or read about UFOs before your sighting?

Additional Comments: If you have any additional comments you would like to add, please give them here.

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Upload a drawing, sketch or photograph of your sighting:
You can upload an image (such as a scanned drawing or actual photograph) to accompany your report - A scanned image of a simple drawing or sketch is very helpful in providing a visualization of your UFO sighting, and is extremely valuable and interesting for readers of the UFO reports. Uploaded drawings or photographs will be featured on the website along with your sighting report.

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