Italian Parachutist Comes In Contact With Huge Bright UFO Orb – Incredible Footage!

Recently an Italian pilot and Parachutist came in close contact with a HUGE fiery Orb way up high above the clouds. This is the first time one of these huge orbs have been recorded so closely and already this video is being deleted off the internet by the elite.

We are waiting to hear more information about this incredible sighting, but one thing is for sure, this is the real deal people and an awesome capture! This is no flare (too high up) and definitely NO rocket (they would NEVER be this close!).

Please check out the incredible footage below. We are still awaiting an official statement by those onboard the plane.


This has to be one of the sightings of the year and you can tell it’s an important capture, not just by how clear the footage is but also by how the deathly silence surrounds this brilliant footage, suggesting that the elite don’t want you and I to know of this!

We will keep you updated on this fantastic footage, and we are also trying to interview those onboard the plane, so watch this space.

I personally have seen one of these huge orbs above Bristol U.K about 5 years ago and they are very very REAL!!!

Please share this before it is deleted!

MWV & Yaz

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