HUGE armada of UFOs emerging out of a giant “spiral” near the sun?

On September 11, 2018, Maria G. Hill from Salem, Indiana has photographed something extraordinary near the sun what can be described as large disk-shaped UFOs as well as a huge fleet of smaller UFOs that accompany the massive disk-shaped UFOs.

Check out the incredible craft like image below:

Gina wrote on her Facebook: September 11, 2018, 8:02 AM Salem, Indiana:

“This is what showed up in my camera after I took a picture of the sun in the eastern sky this morning. iPhone 8 with a camera lens adapter.”

“A green circular door-like object is at the center of the vortex/worm hole and a serpent snake at the top right above it, by a circular disc. I am sure this has a symbolic meaning with the snake and the disc – pictures and videos are on my timeline” she continued.

Besides, in the two videos here and here Gina talks about the massive UFO disks and the fleet of smaller UFOs.

If the objects in the images are not lens flares or objects reflecting in the lens of the camera, but massive mother ships and a fleet of smaller UFOs, then could that be the reason for the sudden shutdown of 7 solar observatories???

U.I.P Summary

This is an incredible capture and one that appears to be getting removed off the internet!! Could THIS actually be the reason why the recent shutdown of 7 solar observatories?! Trying to hide the TRUTH away from the public! Apparently the FBI have even been witnesses near some of the observatories – something is going on!

The tides are changing and the TRUTH is coming people!!!!



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