Ancient Alien Stargate or Gate Of The Gods Discovered In Peru?

Ancient Alien Stargate or Gate Of The Gods Discovered In Peru?



There are many people around the world that believe that the Large Hadron Collider at CERN is being used as some kind of portal/stargate to travel to other dimensions – as far fetched as this may seem, there is now also talk of some kind of Ancient stargate discovered in Peru, which has also been described as some kind of ‘Gate of the Gods’

This bizarre looking monument gives you an idea at the achievements of the ancient people who once lived in this area.  This HUGE stone gate has an incredible history as the ancient people had once described, that is along with a mystical design that gives more credibility to the local legends.


It was actually a local guide named Jose Luis Delgado Mamanu who discovered this bizarre great door-like structure in the Hayu Marca mountain region of Southern Peru, mostly by coincidence/accident! The Gate of the Gods, or also known as the ‘Puerta de Hayu Marca’ was carved in a huge natural rock, which measures precisely seven meters in height, as well as in width and it has a small compartment in the center at the base of the monument.

Please check out below the full picture of this incredible gate way – looking very much unlike anything else ever discovered before:


It is believed by many researchers that the smaller entrance was created for earthly beings, whilst the bigger symmetrical entrance was used by deities (god or goddess) when they visited our realm.  It is also believed that the larger entrance was designed for beings to pass through from other dimensions/parallel worlds.

What is even more bizarre about this discovery is the fact that the local guide, Luis Delgado has said that he actually had dreams which the mysterious gate was leading him too, sending him creepy visions of  people of old who opened the gate while invited him to pass through it – so even though many people consider his finding a pure coincidence, Luis believes that a strange force guided him to the gate, because of the many visions he received, almost like he had been chosen in some strange way for making such an incredible discovery.  He said:

“When I saw the structure for the first time, I almost passed out. I have dreamed of such a construction repeatedly over the years, but in the dream, the path to the door was paved with pink marble statues that aligned on both sides of the path. In the dream, I also saw that the smaller door was open and there was a brilliant blue light coming from what looked like a shimmering tunnel.

I have commented to my family many times about these dreams and so when I finally gazed upon the doorway, it was like a revelation from God…How do you make order of such a strange occurrence?”

WHAT lies beyond?

WHAT lies beyond?

Similar to the famous film stargate, there are many people around the world that believe that there are stargates dotted around the universe, possibly used by Alien beings to travel the vastness of the Universe.  Perhaps these are how some of the supposed Ancient Aliens managed to travel to earth, hence there are so many markings on walls/monuments of ET interactions (please click HERE for more).

If it was some kind of God or perhaps some unearthly alien/interdimensional being who set this potential path for this man, we can only presume, but the local Indian population has named the place the “City of the Gods.” Although no city has ever been discovered in this region, strangely many of the rocks surrounding the area resemble buildings and artificial structures, which helped shape the idea of yet another unknown and possibly unearthly civilization who once had inhabited the area in the far distant past.

There is actually a different legend which tells of the Spanish Conquistadors who arrived in Peru and once robbed the Inca temples at that time which supposedly full of gold and precious stones. As a result of the alarming situation, a Inca priest of the Temple of the Seven Rays named Aramu Maru, fled the temple with a revered disk known as “the key of the gods of the seven rays” and hid in the mountains of Hayu Marca.   When he finally arrived at the Gate of the Gods, which at that point in time was guarded by shaman-priests, he revealed the sacred key and in the moments that followed a great ritual began. The performance triggered the golden disk which opened a portal into the gate, and according to the legends, blue light did come out of it. Aramu Maru offered the golden disk to the priests and went through the portal, never to return again.

To make things even stranger and to add up to the mystery, some important archaeologists at the time found a small depression on the right side of the entrance way designed for humans, and confirmed that in this compartment, a small disk could be placed tight to the rock – Could it possibly be that this particular spot could very well be the place where the mechanism was once activated?

To help give an impression of the sheer size of the entrance!

To help give an impression of the sheer size of the entrance!


It will only be when the worlds leading archaeologists discover this supposed sacred golden disk, that we can only presume that ‘something’ may happen when placed in the slot in the wall.  Interestingly many people have actually told how when they placed their hands on the small rocky door, they felt sudden significant ‘wave of energy’ flowing through their bodies – it has also been said that some of these individuals also had several experiences based, which appeared to be some kind of ‘cosmic visions’ which involved stars, columns of fire and the sound of some kind of unexplainable strange rhythmic music.

Another very strange coincidence is that Gate of the Gods strongly resembles the other fascinating “Gate of the Sun” near Lake Titicaca. Another bizarre coincidence is that if you link up the two sacred gates and five other mystical archaeological sites by grid lines, they actually intersect each other exactly where Lake Titicaca is located.

The Gate Of The Sun

The Gate Of The Sun

The figures that decorate the stone on the Gate of the Sun are believed to have astronomical connotations and resemble human-like beings with wings and curled-up tails, and appear to be wearing rectangular ‘helmets’, although interpretations differ. The ‘ Sun-God’ is in the centre and is sculpted with rays omitting from his face in all directions. He also appears to be holding a staff in each hand. The ‘Sun-God’ figure is also called the ‘Weeping God’ because things similar to tears are carved on its face. Many have believed for a long time that the Gates of the sun may have been some kind of gateway to another worlds, a bit like the Gates of Gods in Peru.

Interestingly many UFO sightings have been witnessed in the skies above Peru and Lake Titicaca, which have often been described as looking like blue sphere’s or white luminous discs, which have been suggested as being connected somehow with these prominent ‘mysterious’ sites.

Please check out one of the many strange sightings of UFO’s being captured around Peru, notice how it is frozen in one place:


If Extra-terrestrials once visited this area, and this ‘doorway’ was of some prominence to other worldly beings, it seems more than likely that they may return someday.  It has been mentioned in the legends that speak about the reopening of the Gate of the Gods, that this time it would be a far more significant entrance from these Beings/Gods, claiming that;  “many times bigger than it actually is”, allowing the Gods to return in their “sun ships.”

This theory has been accompanied by the native Indian which legends say discovered, only after the area where the gate stands was surrounded by archaeologists. The stories depict a gateway leading to the land of the gods, used by ancient heroes in order to join their deities and have a glorious new life on the plain of immortality. The adventurers sometimes returned from the mystical plain accompanied by their gods who “inspected all the lands in the kingdom” before going back through the gate.


Could it be that this supposed Gate of the Gods has been sealed until the beings from other Dimensions one day return?  This truly is such a fascinating story, just by looking at the incredible structure you can tell there is something very different/mysterious about this area of Peru!

Perhaps it is possible that these supposed ‘gods’ were potentially advanced Alien beings from a parallel universe or some other reality?

It is according to the local stories in the area, that these supposed gods had actually revealed themselves to the old indigenous people and occasionally offered great visions on the night sky – perhaps showing visions of other worlds/times that these Beings come from!?

Perhaps the Large Hadron Collider as CERN is being used as some kind of portal to other dimensions, like some kind of modern day stargate equivalent!?  They have already admitted to discovering Parallel Universes and other dimensions – Please check out our posts on this below:

Perhaps the majority of strange sightings being seen over the world are Beings crossing over from other dimensions.  Lets not forget that the FBI and leading Scientists have already admitted to this theory:


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