The Cometa Report: The French Disclosure

Did you know that in 1999 an important document was published in France entitled, UFOs and Defense: What must we be prepared for? (“Les Ovni Et La Defense: A quoi doit-on se préparer?”). This ninety-page report is the result of an in-depth study of UFOs, covering many aspects of the subject, especially questions of national defense. The study was carried out over several years by an independent group of former “auditors” at the Institute of Advanced Studies for National Defense, or IHEDN, and by qualified experts from various fields. Before its public release, it has been sent to French President Jacques Chirac and to Prime Minister Lionel Jospin.


The report is prefaced by General Bernard Norlain of the Air Force, former Director of IHEDN, and it begins with a preamble by André Lebeau, former President of the National Center for Space Studies (Centre National D’études Spatiales), or CNES, the French equivalent of NASA. The group itself, collective author of the report, is an association of experts, many of whom are or have been auditors of IHEDN, and it is presided over by General Denis Letty of the Air Force, former auditor (FA) of IHEDN.

It is safe to say that French people do take matters in their own hands to get the truth out, politically, economically, and in this case: otherworldly! Having spent most of my life in Paris I can tell you that many of us were fascinated by the UFO phenomenon, that’s actually where I witnessed my first UFO, I then dedicated over 20 years of my life in this subject:

The Cometa report has been heavily scrutinised over the years, the CIA tried in vain to discourage the people from reading it, but this report was so well constructed, researched, and with testimonies from trained observers like airline pilots, that the CIA failed to debunk it and change people’s minds, they failed miserably.

The full transmission of the Cometa Report can be found below:


  1. Part I – Facts and Testimonies
  2. Part II – The Extent of Our Knowledge
  3. Part III – UFOs and Defense

Cometa Report (Acrobat Reader format) 

    1. Introduction   (177 Kb)
    2. Part 1           (579 Kb)
    3. Part 2           (722 Kb)
    4. Part 3         (1,277 Kb)
    5. Appendices   (648 Kb)

U.I.P Summary:

There is so much out there left for us to discover, we will not get any help whatsoever from the USA or the UK as they censor everything, we need to turn our efforts to other countries: Chile, France, Spain and Russia spring to mind!

Yaz, Mwv


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