Clinton WONT Be Allowed To Disclose The TRUTH About The ET’s – It’s NOT Allowed (Claims Former Secret Service Agent)


Mr Mellon who is a FORMER senior US national security chief has recently claimed that senior White House officials and even US Presidents are kept in the DARK about sensitive subjects – Could it be that the Elite are now being controlled by the ET’s?

Christopher Mellon strongly believes that Hillary Clinton’s bid to crack open the country’s alleged secret database of UFO intelligence reports and draw out the truth about the mysterious military base Area 51 in Nevada, will most definitely hit a brick wall even if she does become the next president.

Mr Mellon was asked if he thought she would route out any “information on classified government programs involving UFOs.”  But he said that even for Presidents information was on a “need to know basis”, particularly around new weapon’s.

He said went on to say:

“I recall instances when White House officials sought briefings on highly compartmented Department of Defence (DoD) programs and were flatly refused. 

“Access to such programs is on a need to know basis. In general, nobody outside DoD, including the Secretary of State, is deemed to have a need to know. 

“Officials like John Podesta and Secretary Clinton can easily serve for years in senior positions and be avid consumers of classified intelligence analysis but never obtain access to DoD’s compartmented programs, which mostly relate to new weapons systems.

“Information about such programs rarely leaks because it doesn’t circulate, unlike the constant stream of leaked information regarding classified intelligence activities.”

Chris Mellon says Hillary Clinton won't get access to files on Area 51 (top left) and UFOs

Chris Mellon says Hillary Clinton won’t get access to files on Area 51 (top left) and UFOs


It’s important to know that Mr Mellon has had years of high-level clearance involvement in the Department of Defence (DoD and prpbably knows far more than what he is making out.

He said that he very much doubted any UFO files of any relevance or information about Area 51 would come to light if Mrs. Clinton makes the White House.

He said:

“While a few new, previously overlooked documents might turn up, I do not believe they would resolve the UFO issue or provide significant new insights. 

“I think the conspiracy theorists will be angry and unconvinced.

“If Clinton really wants to get to the bottom of the UFO issue, I think she should officially task NORAD with collection and analysis responsibility. 

“Simultaneously, she should assign the Office of Science and Technology Policy the job of reviewing available evidence, coordinating with other countries and providing scientific assessments and recommendations.”

Alien Vintage

Mrs Clinton and campaign manager Mr Podesta have been vocal about wanting to open the UFO and Area 51 files since January – and it has now become a focal point of her campaign (Click HERE for more).

Leading TRUTH seeker, Steve Bassett, executive of Paradigm Research Group, which has campaigned for disclosure of all UFO files for 20 years, told a British tabloid:

“An elected president should be able to go anywhere and request any information, but it is done on a need-to-knoe basis, and it goes against the constitution, but the people just accept that’s the way it is.”

It appears that the ELITE control the PUPPET PRESIDENTS!!!!


Short but sweet, no Government will come out and tell us the 100% truth about the Aliens and UFO’s in the sky, the only time true Disclosure will come is when the ET’s decide to officially present themselves to Planet Earth – we cannot trust ANY politician when it comes to Disclosure.



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