Huge Cigar UFO And Orbs Caught on Camera – Some Say It’s The Greys

Huge Cigar UFO And Orbs Caught on Camera – Some Say It’s The Greys



Now this is a fantastic capture caught on camera Over a Beach in La Jolla, CA.  A HUGE cylinder/cigar shaped UFO followed by Orbs caught by somebody taking a picture of the stunning sun set.  This exciting capture was reported to MUFON very recently (should have been reported to us!).  The intriguing thing about these images is the quality of the photographs, but also the fact you can tell that the massive object is clearly rotating round as it’s travelling, as the unusual lights on it are in different positions on the second capture! From looking at the distance of the object and the sheer size of it in the photograph, we would say that this craft, which is oddly being followed by what appears to be Orbs, is about the size of a football pitch…..pretty darn big!

Some people believe that these incredibly fast moving objects that appear to be camera shy, is the Grey aliens patrolling our skies above! It is said that after striking deals with many leading Earthly governments, Grey Aliens continue to perform their Human Hybrid experiments and mutilations of various animals (mainly the poor cows).  These incredible UFOs are usually drawn to forces of nature, purely because of the immense power relapsed by volcano’s, earthquakes and other natural disasters.  Unlike their creators (many say it is the Reptilians), Grey Aliens, unlike other Alien Beings, do not possess the ability to cloak their spacecraft’s and solely rely on their ability to out manoeuvre and preform our earthly aircraft at top velocities. By observing and researching our planet and its inhabitants, Grey Aliens are slowly but surely beginning to understand the powers that other races have accomplished.  Unlike other primitive planets, Earth’s inhabitants share a common evolution with the benevolent beings of today, and therefore, Grey Aliens seek the answers to their dying race and lack of advance inter-dimensional technology through the exploitation of our planet and humans. Don’t get me wrong, the Greys appear to have some incredible technology compared to what we have available to us as a species!

Please see the report below sent to MUFON and the images that went with it:

Witness report (MUFON case 64526):

My wife is a amateur photographer. She was at the wind and sea beach in La Jolla CA taking sunset pictures. My wife was taking these pictures on March 31, 2015.
I thought it was odd that the lights and image did not move during the exposure. My wife took three pictures of the seen over a 10 min time period.
These 3 photos are very clear. She used a Cannon D70 camera on a tripod with remote.

I am not sure these are UFO pictures but the object appears to move very slow and also seems to be rotating by the way the lights have changed position from the three pictures.




Link original images:


I cannot see how this image can be debunked as a fake in any way, as it is such a clear defined image of the UFO’s! People often moan and say things like “why do people always take photos of UFO’s with the worse camera ever?” Well this here ladies and gentleman appears to be a great capture of a Cigar shaped UFO followed by Orbs, something which is being seen all over the world pretty much on a week to week basis! But could the Orbs be possibly another Alien Species following this huge Cylinder UFO, or perhaps it’s the same ET’s technology!?

These Cigar shaped UFO’s like many other UFO’s appear to have a great interest in areas of conflict! Please check out the video below of an impressive sighting of a huge Cylinder UFO over Ukraine watching the conflict between Russian backed forces down below:

These Cylinder type UFO’s are absolutely huge and unless the Human Race has stolen ‘Alien Technology’ then I very much doubt that these crafts are one of ours! Whatever Alien race it is that is using these incredible flying machines have technology beyond belief and clearly have a very keen interest in Planet earth!

The Greys as stated above are having the finger pointed at them for these crafts….


The Usual Suspects?

The Usual Suspects?



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