Messages We Get From The Future

The spate of things being experienced in the world of today, like climate change, the rise of the machines through artificial intelligence, terrorism, wars, natural disasters, and many others are instructive. They may well signal that man may be on the part of self-destruction. However, whatever may be the case, scientists have always harped on the need to establish a communication between the human race and the extraterrestrials.

Will there ever be a possible collaboration between men and these beings? How will they feel about such communication if they receive it? These and many other questions have been on the lips of scientists. Activities of Meti, which stands for Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence has been opposed by people like Stephen Hawking. He thinks this may lead to the destruction of the earth, even while man is trying to keep something for any form of life in the orbits. For him and some 

others, these beings may think of the human race as bacteria that are inimical to their existence when they get these messages, and may seek to eliminate it.

Even if this communication is deemed so necessary in the bid to keep something for other beings in case anything happens to mankind, there are some other problems bedeviling its success.

Some other questions to be asked here include how these messages will be gotten to these beings. How will the messages be preserved till they get hold of it, and how also will they understand it. Another very important question is, what would be the material upon which this message will be written, and how do we ensure that the material is not destroyed by the climate of the orbits.

Of course, many people consider math and physics as the languages that the entire world speaks. So, they are likely the best languages to be used in sending this message. But, have we considered the audience here? Do they understand the signs and symbols of math and physics? Do they have the same sense as we do or do they speak a different language? Can they hear, see, taste, feel, and most importantly, read?

So, we have to look for the best way of relaying this message to the aliens the same way we look for top 10 online casinos when we need to. In times past, the Arecidae used to be the material for sending of such messages to the orbit. But this has the capacity of getting to the space after traveling for 25,000 years. If the aliens were to get this and reply, it will take another 25,000 years for us to get such reply. We actually don’t know what would have become of the human race by then.

Another method may be through the TV signals. The waves we transmit here could be heard and received by these aliens, and they travel 200 light years in diameter. However, the Milky Way is a closer space from where the aliens can easily listen to the information we broadcast from here.

Kaya – Guest Writer

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