Mysterious British Secret Service Helicopter Chases UFO



A mysterious unknown UK Military black helicopter has recently been witnessed ‘chasing’ a black Orb-like UFO in scenes that could be straight out of a film!

A local Window cleaner who goes by the name of Darren Cooper, raced to get his camera when he spotted a small dark object speeding across the evening sky.

A few minutes after spotting the UFO, the dad-of-four was startled to see a black helicopter swoop over his house appearing to chase it (Photo: CASCADE NEWS)

A few minutes after spotting the UFO, the dad-of-four was startled to see a black helicopter swoop over his house appearing to chase it (Photo: CASCADE NEWS)

As it hovered above him for a few minutes he managed to capture it in the sky – before it flew off at an immense speed into the distance, to then be followed by what appears to be an unknown BLACK military helicopter!


It was about approximately just two minutes later, the dad-of-four was startled when the creepy black helicopter swooped over his house at high-speed, in hot pursuit of the dark UFO.

Please check out the video below:

Darren, who lives in Southampton, said:

“As I went back into the house to look at the footage, within two minutes the helicopter was above the house so I ran back outside with the camcorder and the chopper was on the same path as the object in the sky.

“Notice in the video the helicopter is turning as if looking for something.”

Interestingly strange Black helicopters showing up just after UFO sightings have been reported across the world since the early 1960s but until NOW nobody has actually managed to film one on camera – They are said to be a covert military force engaged in a secret UFO monitoring program!

Declassified FBI files have revealed how ranchers in Colorado reported seeing the jet-black aircraft during a wave of cattle mutilation cases where animals had organs removed with surgical precision and were completely drained of blood.

Some investigators even claim to have been harassed by these ‘phantom’ helicopters, which sometimes fly silently and have no identification markings – something of which U.I.P owner/creator has experienced himself about his home in Gloucestershire UK.

Darren, 39, who lives in Thornhill, doesn’t think that the UFO he filmed was a balloon or drone and went on to say:

“It’s most certainly not a balloon because the wind would have made it act like a balloon and gave it more of a wobble or speed it up or made it move erratically but there was no movements like that at all.

“I thought it could have been a drone because there are so many of them about now but this thing continued to glide off into the distance.

“Before jumping to conclusions I ran back inside to grab my camcorder.


“It was a little higher in the sky when I first noticed the object but it seemed to change course and turn slightly around the houses while descending before eventually disappearing into the distance.

“Seconds later after I had gone back inside the house to take a closer look at the footage, I suddenly heard a helicopter overhead.

“So I grabbed the camcorder again and ran back outside to film the helicopter on the identical path of the UFO filmed just minutes beforehand.”

Darren has recently had the incredible footage analysed and was startled to find out the UFO looked like a ‘dark ring’.

He added:

“On closer inspection of the object on the PC I noticed that zooming into the object it looks like it has a hole in the centre.

“The same day a friend of mine told me he had also taken a closer look at the video and found even more strange things hiding in the clouds and other objects.”

This is not the first time that Darren has seen a UFO followed by black helicopters.  About two years ago he claims that he observed a huge 100ft V-shaped UFO with a friend – Soon afterwards, a black chopper flew over the building  that he was working in at the time.

Darren went on to add:

“The encounter in 2014 triggered my interest in UFOs and since then I seem to see all different shapes, sizes and colours.

“Some of them have been caught on film.”

It appears that the Elite are becoming nervous about our ET visitors in the skies above us!


As mentioned in our article above this is not the first time that these black helicopters have been witnessed chasing after and monitoring UFO’s in the sky – this is also NOT the first time that black Orb like UFO’s have been witnessed across the UK and the rest of the planet, what do they want!?

I personally have had black helicopters taunt me above two of my homes that I have lived at in the UK (MWV U.I.P Creator).  They appeared to know that I was watching them and even had the same shape as this helicopter in the video – the really strange thing is that they appeared to focus their night vision cameras on my home?

This is a great piece of footage and we are keen to speak to Darren Cooper to get more information.  With UFO sightings on the rise, the Elite appear nervous and twitchy BUT it is going to take far more than our technology to ever understand the ET’s technology!


A few minutes after spotting the UFO, the dad-of-four was startled to see a black helicopter swoop over his house appearing to chase it (Photo: CASCADE NEWS)


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