NASA Astronauts UFO ‘Gift’ Sighting

US Astronaut Jack Fischer recently tweeted an incredible video of the stunning aurora australis, commonly known as the southern lights – But when you look closely at the short video clip, you will see something intriguing cross above earths atmosphere in a ‘controlled’ looking manner!

Check out the clear brightly lit UFO from start of video play at approx 0.12 seconds in, going centre left to right – It’s infested out there!!

MWV, creator of U.I.P spotted this unknown object whilst reviewing closely the astronauts video!

With what appears to be a CLEAR bright ufo crossing the earths atmosphere, towards the aurora – perhaps taking in the beauty themselves or maybe using the suns solar rays as some kind of energiser for their craft?!?

Please check out the ‘Tweet’ video clip below courtesy of Jack:


The short and sweet of this story, is that NASA are now finding it impossible to hide the UFOs visiting earth! NASA must regret the day they ever allowed live feed from the ISS to be viewed from the public!

Let’s not forget the astronauts who have publicly admitted that they have witnessed UFOs:

The NASA Astronauts That Have Admitted The TRUTH About The ET’s

Yes, there will be those that will say this is a meteor or a satellite etc, but just look at the way it travels in a controlled manner, and the speed of the craft is nothing like us humans could make (to our knowledge).

We have covered many articles on Ufo sightings witnessed from the ISS (footage usually stops due to ‘technical difficulties’). It’s infested out there and NASA cannot and will not be able to cover up the TRUTH anymore!


Other ISS Sightings recorded by UIP:

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Huge UFO seen next to the ISS, caught on NASA’s camera!


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