The New World Order – A Very REAL Story!

The New World Order – A Very REAL Story!


There was a time when I used to laugh at people who suggested that the world’s ‘Elite’ had a new agenda for us all and this came under the guise of the New World Order (N.W.O) but not anymore, in fact I would now laugh at anybody who suggested this wasn’t true.

The common theme about the New World Order is that a secretive power elite with a globalist agenda (like the illuminati) is conspiring to eventually rule the world through an authoritarian world government—which will replace sovereign nation-states—and an all-encompassing propaganda whose ideology hails the establishment of the New World Order as the culmination of history’s progress.

Significant occurrences in politics and finance are speculated to be orchestrated by an unduly influential cabal that operates through many front organizations. Numerous historical and current events are seen as steps in an ongoing plot to achieve world domination through secret political gatherings and decision-making processes!

The illuminati

The Illuminati is a secret organisation of the most powerful and influential elite in the world. They go back for centuries and maintain the same bloodline. They set up the council on foreign relations, the bilderberg group and the tri-lateral commission. Those 3 groups all meet to plan the fate of the world. They consists of international bankers, top government officials, leaders in the energy cartel and media monopoly owners and have control over the U.N. and unesco.  Their subdivisions reach into everyone’s daily life without most sheeple even being aware of it. They also have ties to the freemasons, skull and bones, and the knights Templar.


Their ultimate goal is for a one world government which they will control, also a one world currency, and they want control and ownership of all land, property, resources and people. Also they manipulate political parties, and the legal and illegal drug trade and federal agencies related to all matters listed above.

The Illuminati are supposedly the ones behind most of the wars and conflicts around the world, usually for control which normally comes in the form of OIL!  The war in Iraq, the Ukraine war and the current Syrian war – parts of the world where there is either oil to be grabbed OR banks to be taken over.  Many people around the world actually believe that the Elite are the ones responsible for terrorist organisations such as the Islamic state, used to kill and take over land in the middle east.

Rockefeller foundation, ford foundation, Carlyle group, J.P.Morgan, Oppenhiemer, Kuhn Loeb, federal reserve system and many others involved. check out bloodlines of the illuminati and new world order on the net.

Please see below a chart of some of the key members of the Illuminati – Member’s of the British family are also linked with the Illuminati and some rich Arabs.


Here’s an interesting video for you all to watch:


The All-Seeing Eye..



The Eye of Providence (or the all-seeing eye) is a symbol showing an eye often surrounded by rays of light or a glory and usually enclosed by a triangle. It is sometimes interpreted as representing the eye of God watching over humankind (or divine providence). In the modern era, the most notable depiction of the eye is the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States, which appears on the United States one-dollar bill.  Many celebrities, mostly pop stars, have been seen making triangle shapes with their hands, suggesting links with the illuminati – see Jay Z, Beyoncé, Katie Perry, Drake, Lady Gaga, the list goes on, have all been associated with this ‘cult’ although these guys appear to be the puppets on a string for the elite!

Like puppets on a string.

Like puppets on a string.


The Media-Manipulation

Just by looking at the news on TV or in the papers, or on your smart phone, it is all full of doom and gloom and stories about WHO we should hate and be afraid of and who we should unite with (usually our Governments!).  It is almost as if the world’ s media, who are the puppets for the worlds leaders WANT and NEED us to be living our lives through fear, but I guess one of the number one ways of controlling the masses is to create a divide between us all and then add in whole lot of fear!

Doom, gloom and FEAR in the papers

Doom, gloom and FEAR in the papers

Take the Islamic State or Deash as we should call them.  They are a horrid bunch of cruel evil individuals who have zero respect for anything let alone themselves, but you don’t very often see the media push out headlines such as “Western created terrorists are a threat to humanity” when it is VERY clear now that our so-called leaders funded the wrong guys in the first place – and the ‘invasion’ of Iraq is probably where a lot of this stemmed from!

ISIS are taking up about 90% of our reading material in the newspapers nowadays and on top of this we are also informed that “Russia want to start World War Three” which is kind of a contradiction in itself, considering President Putin is now bombing ISIS on a daily basis, who even he believes was created by the west – which makes you wonder exactly WHO the bad guys are!

We aren’t siding with Putin as every leader has their own selfish idealistic agendas, however if you look at the worlds general opinion on Putin, it definitely has improved over the last year or so – he appears to be a man going against certain countries ‘agenda’


In the West we are told that it is the Russians who are the ‘bad guys’ but we are learning more and more these days that our very own so-called leaders have been lying to us for a very long and constantly trying to deceive us!

Jacob Rothschild has accused Russian president Vladimir Putin of being a “traitor to the New World Order.”

Apparently Putin’s refusal to tow the NWO line makes Jacob Rothschild nervous, as he needs Russia on their side in order to fulfill the Illuminati agenda.  Please see a video below which explains this intriguing theory:

The media have their own agendas aligned with the elite who control them and pay them.

On The Screen Manipulation…

There appears to be MANY references to the ‘New World Order’ in films nowadays, whether its been designed to encourage or discourage the masses, it certainly is fair to say that they want to implant this message into our minds.

Take for example some of the major blockbuster films over the year, Captain America 2, the New James Bond film and the Hunger games to name a few, all have references to some kind of significant change with ‘the people’.  In the new James Bond film ‘Spectre’ they even call it the New World Order in the film, which is the same for captain America 2!  Perhaps the screenwriters have stolen the idea from the Conspiracy Theorists out there, however a bit like the ‘Portals and other Dimensions’ theme, the NWO appears to be something that they want to implant in our minds.

James Bond against the New World Order?

James Bond against the New World Order?


The Fear Factor…

The vast majority of us know that fear equals control, if you can scare people into believing something enough then you can create a significant level of control, like what our so-called leaders are doing daily!

Take the Ebola scare back in 2014 which was ‘dramatically’ hitting significant parts of Africa and appearently killing “thousands”.  We were all told at the time that this disease could be a threat to us all and even our airports here in Europe and the USA (and other parts of the world) started testing peoples temperatures coming off flights from specific parts of the world in order to make sure that a person wasn’t carrying the disease!

At the time of this apparently ‘spreading disease’ the conflict in the Ukraine was going on between the West and Russia and we also had the mysterious case of the missing Malaysian flight MH17 (which we STILL don’t truly know what happened to this plane and its crew) – all of these significant events were going on around the world BUT we now had a terrible disease which was going to kill us all!?  Suddenly the war in Ukraine went quiet and so did the news about the TWO downed planes (a passenger plane was shot down over the Ukraine also).

BUT guess what people the vast majority of us have all survived this ‘killer’ disease and very quickly Ebola was forgotten about too, almost like the whole situation was stirred up by the government controlled media, to scare us and make us feel that we have to all turn to our so-called leaders for protection.

The supposed Ebola outbreak was made out to be like something out of a apocalyptic horror movie

The supposed Ebola outbreak was made out to be like something out of an apocalyptic horror movie

We can never be sure whether an event is a 100% a false flag event or whether we are just being manipulated by the Elite – one thing is for sure though, the masses are being controlled by the state funded media in order to create control, panic and DIVIDE amongst the people.

The Divide And CONTROL Ethos of The Elite…

The best way to control the people is quite simply to divide us – create a level of insecurity between the people!

The reason our governments/elite want us to be divided is so we can be controlled and manipulated easier.  Take the race war in the US between the blacks and US police recently, this also appears to have been perfectly planed by the Elite, the military presence and ‘martial law’ implementation into specific black neighbourhoods is clear confirmation of what they have in store for ALL of us!

Considering there is currently a black president in charge of the US, he hasn’t appeared that particularly bothered by some of the scenes of violence between the blacks and whites recently, primarily antagonized by some ‘brutal’ US Police officers.

Another significant area of divide and control is relations between the christians, Jews and Muslims which is getting more and more heated by the day.  The middle east is a mess after wars that never should have happened (Iraq war etc)  and the rise of the western funded Daesh (or ISIS as they like to call themselves(?).  There is not a day that goes by without the media reminding us about WHO and what type of people we should be afraid of!

Yes don’t get us wrong we accept that there are violent extremists in ALL religions and walks of life, however the Wests meddling in Iraq, Afghanistan and just recently Syria, all appears pretty pointless and if anything just aggravating an already fragile situation – clearly there is an agenda going on here by the Elite.

We cannot confirm if any terrorist attacks over the years were staged ‘false flag’ events as we do not have enough evidence to prove such a conspiracy driven theory -BUT, what we can say is that certain world Governments have clearly for their own personal greed and agendas have aggravated things intensely so in specific parts of the world, in order to DIVIDE us and CONTROL us – get the people on this planet to hate each other and it breaks the planets groups of people down into smaller numbers.

Please see a concerning speech below from President Putin:

If the people of this planet ever gain evidence that the worlds elite and major governments have actually been funding such vile terrorist organisations such as Daesh (ISIS) something which the attached video suggests has been happening – The Elite have a significant problem on their hands and this is how they hide any important findings with more deaths, more scares and more WARS!

The Russians appear to be building evidence of so-called legitimate governments funding ISIS and in some cases even arming the cruel brain-dead sub-humans, and again this could possibly push the NWO into full effect and be the beginning of World War 3.

The Russians may actually be against the apparent New World Order, but whether they have humanities best interest at heart, that is a completely different question and one that can not be proven any way at the moment.

One  thing is for sure we are ALL being monitored 24/7 and not just by CCTV cameras, even our own personal mobile phones are set up to listen to us, watch us and to track our every movement!  Social media is a great way to connect the world, but it is also a great way for our governments to monitor us all and what we are up to and with who.  But sadly we are not yet in the position to hide away from the world, unless we all go and live in a forest or cave somewhere – Big Brother is definitely watching us!  They have been watching us since we were born and given have given us all an ‘identity’ number to ensure we grow up paying our taxes to those who want to control us and manipulate our life’s.

Remember the famous book by the great novelist George Orwell 1984, which is all about today and how a “Party “seeks power entirely for its own sake. It is not interested in the good of others; it is interested solely in power –  controlling us ALL.

Interesting that the book 1984 was actually published in 1949.



It appears that we are not allowed our own privacy.

We are being watched wherever we go.

We are being watched wherever we go.


Wars -The Planets De-stabiliser…

The vast majority of us peaceful folk do no want wars, and if anything we want to promote peace and unity throughout the world.  But isnt it interesting that our governments appear to enjoy wars and all of the mess and violence that it leaves behind, leaving the rest of us without a voice!?

If you look back at most recent wars there is always a whole load of propoganda and hype that go with them, whether its the ‘weapons of mass destruction’ that were supoosedly in Iraq before the last invasion (nothing was found) or the war in Syria which the West originally funded the so-called ‘moderate’ rebels (terrorsists) it all starts off with a whole load of lies and deciet from our leaders and the paid and controlled media!

The Elite may think that we are all stupid but they know that we are waking up to their blatant lies, so they are pushing harder than ever to divide us all, in order to create an air of fear and anxiety throughout the planet.

Wars nowadays appear to be what the Elite want, they appear to be happy with spending BILLIONS on conflicts in situations that they helped to create, but on the other hand try to convince us that times are hard and they need to ask the public for more – not even ask the public, they just take.

It is all about control and the only way that they can do that is by trying scare us all into beliveving their lies.

Its time to unite no matter what race or religion you are part of, as they are scared of us uniting together and switch off from their lies – perhaps THEN we will see our extraterestrial friends coe down from the skies to talk to us.








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