Scientists Confirm That Newly discovered STAR system, could be home to interplanetary ALIENS (Drip Feeding Disclosure)

It appears that we are now being fed some huge amounts of drip feeding of Disclosure, after the newly discovered TRAPPIST-1 star and its nearby planets could be home to interplanetary alien life, leading scientists have now claimed – not long after NASA announced this exciting find deep in space.

Back in February 2017, Nasa announced the discovery of a star known as TRAPPIST-1 which was found to have seven planets orbiting it. This newly discovered solar system, which is the closest to have been found to Earth, piqued the interest of alien hunters, as three of its planets fall into the star’s habitable zone – the region around a host star where conditions are neither too hot nor too cold to support life – in fact many believe that these planets could have even more advanced beings on them due to such impressive surroundings!?

A new study from Harvard University suggests that alien life could travel between the planets due to their close proximity to one another, suggesting that the planets alignment could have created far more advanced Beings living on them – just imagine being able to travel  to a habitable planet within your very own solar system??

What lies beyond?

The researchers say that when an asteroid or comet or any form of space rock collides into one of the planets, it may propel dirt into space which carries microbial life – spreading life throughout the Universe!

Due to the fact that the planets are near to each other, the dirt could land on the next planet, essentially transporting life between them!  This is an interesting theory known as panspermia and many scientists believe that is potentially how life on Earth began – when an asteroid collided with Mars, causing the supposedly once microbial-full soil to be flung Earthbound – many also believe that Mars was once a habitable planet with ET Beings on it, that is until come kind of ‘disaster’ struck!? (please click here for MORE on this!).

Was Life On Mars Destroyed By Some Catastrophic Event!?

Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb told Gizmodo said:

“The rocks are driven into space.

“If there is life on one of them, life may be preserved inside these rocks and be transferred to another planet.”

Prof Loeb went on to say that the likelihood of this happening is high, based on models of how life has been transported between islands on Earth – it appears that the Elite are trying to drop us some huge hints??

He then added:

“These planets are similar to islands on the surface of the Earth, and there are studies of the immigration of species from one island to another. 

“We used the same model to illustrate that the likelihood is very high for transfer of life.”

This is all perfectly timed after other leading scientists confirmed that recent signal blasts from space could be caused by advance Extraterrestrial Beings – please click here for more on this:

Top Physicists Now Believe That Mystery Radio Bursts Are Powering ET Spaceships

Mysterious blasts from space created by ET’s?


Well, like we keep saying, we told you that 2017 was going to be a big year for discovery – and now with many leading elite driven scientists raising the ET debate up a notch it appears that disclosure is coming through faster than ever!

Just imagine if these planets are all habitable and that they can travel to each other and learn from each other – just imagine the advancements in technology and science over us!?

This theory reminds me a lot of the habitable planets in the star wars movies – perhaps some of these beings are the ones that have been travelling to us?


It didn’t end well for the close planets in the recent Star Wars film – The Force Awakens

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