The Space X Lie? Same Strange Capture Witnessed In 1937

In the past recent days there has been a lot of talk in the media about the US Governments acceptance that they have recently committed millions of dollars into researching UFO’s, even presenting video footage to the world of a US fighter jet tracking a UFO. Just days after we have an incredible sighting witnessed by many over California, which was put down to the SpaceX Falcon 9 that LAUNCHED over California on December 22nd, HOWEVER this very strange sighting looks incredibly familiar to a similar sighting back in 1937 – could this be a build up to Alien disclosure and the elite are trying to cover up what is REALLY going on?

The striking image was photographed above Vancouver’s city hall back in the winter of 1937.  Brothers Wilfred and Leonard Lamoureux went to the city hall to photograph the Christmas lights when they suddenly spotted something very strange indeed and completely unexplainable!

Leonard had later described it as “two glowing, blue, silent saucers with open ends facing each other, moving horizontally and stopping for a brief moment as he shot the photo”.  Please check out the original capture below:

Back to back the two captures look almost identical – pretty sure they can’t blame this on the Space X!

One thing is incredibly obvious, that the original ageing black and white image taken back in 1937 is now 80 years old, looks suspiciously like the SpaceX Falcon 9 that launched over California on December 22nd and scared the living hell out of a lot of  people! Could the recent Space X Falcon 9 launch actually be something completely different and this is just a cover up story? Possibly, however with the US governments recent announcement about their extensive UFO research and key figures publicly stating that we are being visited by other world beings nothing would surprise anybody anymore and one thing is for sure, most people will sadly accept anything that they are told buy their governments – it’s time to wake up and dig a little deeper into everything we are told!


This recent sighting most more than likely WAS the SpaceX Falcon 9 launch, however the 1937 capture is just way too similar to be ignored! And as we know the US government will do anything to cover their arses, including making up stories of events that didn’t happen!

This strange capture above California recently was coincidentally recorded perfectly by many with high quality HD cameras – how convenient they had them at hand aye?! Makes you wonder whether this supposed launch is the build up to something, whether of this world of NOT!

The US government are drip feeding us bits of evidence building up to public ET disclosure – could the ET’s be now building their own disclosure to us all??






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