The Destruction Of Our Moon

Over the years we have observed that most heads of powerful countries suffer from several acute mental illnesses. From dropping the atomic bomb, to murdering millions of innocent civilians, these guys should be lobotomised every single day!

They even had plans to blow up our moon!

At the height of the Cold War, the Soviet Union and the United States found themselves locked in a chilling race to nuke the moon, declassified military documents reveal. Following the end of the Second World War in 1945, the USSR and the USA spent decades trying to prove their military might to the world. During this tense era, the two superpowers found themselves locked in an arms race that saw them spend decades scrambling to develop the most powerful armaments.

As the arms race morphed into a space race, the two nations set their sights on the moon and made it their goal to extend their influence beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. Now, newly declassified documents reveal just how far the superpowers were prepared to go, as they hatched terrifying plans to obliterate part of the moon with a nuclear strike. Codenamed Project A119, which you can find below:

This plan cooked up by the US Air Force in 1958 set out how America could prove its might once and for all. Physicist Leonard Reiffel was put in charge of the project, which had the terrifying goal of detonating a nuclear warhead on the moon. The team of military and physics experts planned to explode a warhead the same size as the bomb dropped on Hiroshima on our planet’s natural satellite. The detonation would light up the moon’s surface, generating a sphere of dust that would blot out any hopes of Russia winning the arms race.

Meanwhile, the Soviets were cooking up a scheme of their own as part of a project codenamed E-4. This plan involved striking the moon with a nuclear missile of their own, although this plot faced the same overwhelming risks and difficulties as the Americans’ secret plans.

So what would happen if the moon were to be mysteriously blown up?

In short, a fiery rain of moon debris that could last for thousands of years, wiping out almost all life on the surface of Earth.

So it clearly was pure madness to even think about this idea!

However, there is always hidden objectives as we all know, in my opinion, I would say that the USA and USSR were working hand in hand and they were planning on destroying the alien races living on our natural satellite, or shall I say: Inside it..

They fooled the public once again by hiding the truth

U.I.P Summary:

Never trust what the governments say, they always have ulterior motives. They weren’t going to announce to the public: “Eh, there’s an advanced alien civilisation working on the inside of the moon, we don’t know what they’re planning so we’re gonna nuke them!”

Scientifically speaking, the moon shouldn’t even be there, so it was “planted” there, and if its technologically advanced inhabitants would have felt threatened, we wouldn’t be here today.

Puny humans need to stop thinking that they are in control.

Yaz, Mwv

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