The Tunguska Event, 1908 – Alien Intervention In The Sky!?

The Tunguska Event, 1908 – Alien Intervention In The Sky!?




When UFO meets COMET

Back on June 30, 1908 a colossal ‘magnificent’ flash lit across the sky over Siberia. The explosion was thought to of been caused by a massive explosion at least 1,000 times more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped over Hiroshima in World War 2! But the unfortunate thing about this entire event was that it happened over a large completely uninhabited area in the basin of the Podkamennaya Tunguska river basin in modern-day Russia. There was not one direct witness to the event sadly, however people heard from a far loud booming noise!

This incident that happened over a 100 years ago has now earned the name ‘The Tunguska event’, to this date, this was by far the largest impact ever recorded in history. The massive explosion toppled down over 80+ million trees over a  huge area of 830 square miles (2150 square kilometres).

This incredible explosion released an estimated (and slightly guessed) energy of about 10-15 megatons of TNT and the awesome shock wave measured 5.0 on the Richter scale. Put it this way people, if this explosion had taken place over a metropolitan area it would have caused utter destruction and MANY deaths!

This event in the sky would of killed many if above an inhabited area!

This event in the sky would of killed many if above an inhabited area!


This incredible blast caused damage from over 400+ miles away and was heard by many even further away. But the amazing thing about this whole episode is the heat generated was also felt hundreds of miles away and the sky over Northern Europe glowed red for at least several days.  People at the time who witnessed this apparently started thinking that it was the ‘End of days’ happening!

After many discussions over many years between top scientists and Historians was the the accepted explanation for this event is probably that a huge comet or asteroid had exploded several miles way above ground level, but the only thing about this theory is that it has some flaws, of which I guess the first and foremost being the lack of any fragments that would have certainly been present near the impact crater. One of the other flaws with this theory is that the trees were all fallen in an outward motion, but the ones in the centre (this is where it gets strange!) were still standing and just their bark and branches were burned off.

Actual photograph after the event

Actual photograph after the event

37 years on from when this event happened until the first ever nuclear weapon detonation, which led to the attention shifting back towards the Tunguska event once more. The reason the interest for the renewed interest was that when aerial photos of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were compared to those taken over the Tunguska forest, there was some extremely shocking similarities which were noticed. Numerous scientists then shockingly concluded that a ‘nuclear explosion’ could possibly have occurred at an altitude of several miles.

But trust me guys, this explanation is not the only theory reference what might have happened at Tunguska and it certainly isn’t the most shocking/intriguing!

Many of those from a far who witnessed the crash, remember seeing before the event a huge oval-shaped mass appearing and then disappearing in the skies above them. This strange large UFO often changed its direction and was moving at a relatively low speed.

Could it be that these people were witnesses to a massive alien spacecraft, which was preparing to detonate an explosive device above Siberia!? Some people believe YES!

Yuri Lavbin, a leading Russian researcher, has publically stated that he believes that the Tunguska Event was quite possibly caused by something even more extraordinary. Lavbin spent way over 16 years researching this fascinating mystery and he believes he has come up with an explanation for one of the greatest events of the 20th century. Yuri and the 15 other researchers established the ‘Tunguska Spatial Phenomenon Foundation’ and have been organizing many expeditions to the area since way back to 1994.

Lavbins incredible theory proposes that an extremely large comet was on a collision course with Planet Earth,  but it was destroyed by a UFO which was reportedly seen in the skies above Siberia before the event happened. This potential ‘gesture’ behind such a brave heroic act can only be explained that someone at the time watching out for us. Even more intriguing is that Lavbin says the aliens left behind signs of their intervention and he has actually uncovered some of them.

Was it Alien Intervention that saved the day!?

Was it Alien Intervention that saved the day!?


An example of the evidence that Luvbin and his team discovered, was for example two strange cubes with their sides measuring 5 feet (1.5 meters) near the area of the impact. These two odd looking cubes are made from a black material that does not look natural in any way. Luvbin explained that they looked burned and reminded him of “an alloy used to make rockets.”

The research team also found in the area an unusual white and large stone on top of a crag in the destructed forest. The locals call it the “reindeer stone” and it is made of a crystalline substance uncommon to the area. The mystery thickens even more with these strange findings!


Guess what people, the scientific community and government officials dismisses Luvbins interesting claims. But the funny thing here is that the scientific community will not give any other real alternative apart from a meteor hitting the ground!

Many other theories have been added into the mix to try and explain the Tunguska event, including one intriguing theory that speculates the devastation in Siberia was caused by a pinpoint black hole! Another that suggests that the explosion was caused by antimatter particles. Both again have been shunned by the Scientific community!

One thing is for sure, “something out of this world” (this is a 100% true) created an incredible detonation of gigantic proportions and the event is largely unexplained to this day….

One major thing that I can add into the mix, is for you all to look back at the recent Russian meteor event which exploded above the skies over a city called Chelyabinsk.  Many people managed to capture this awesome explosion in the sky above the Russian city on their car dashboard cameras and smart phones! And guess what else was recorded heading into the meteor as it was burning up in the sky? Yes, a UFO, in fact a black large UFO was caught in numerous angles crashing into the meteor which caused it to explode in the sky……Could this be a similar event that happened back in 1908!? Please check out the video below!

Perhaps the Aliens are here to look after us….


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