Warminster 2015: Celebrating 50 Years Of The Thing – Be THERE!

Warminster 2015: Celebrating 50 Years Of The Thing – Be THERE!



“In the early hours of the morning of 25th of December, 1964 a “sonic deluge broke with full fury” on some residents of the town. The reports of these sounds found their way to Shuttlewood, and then into the pages of the local newspaper, the Warminster Journal.

In August 1965, a meeting was held to discuss the Thing. There was a lot of talk, but no answers as to its nature.

That it was unsolvable only added to the mystery. For the next decade or so, sky watchers came to the hills to look into the sky and wonder. Warminster provided a perplexing mystery, that continued to baffle and amaze for over a decade.” http://www.warminster2015.uk/index.html

U.I.P would like to proudly announce our support for one of the most exciting upcoming UK UFO Conferences this year – Warminster 2015: Celebrating 50 Years Of ‘The Thing’

This exciting event will be held at the Old Bell Hotel in Warminster (one of the top UFO Hotspots in the world!) on the 29th August 2015.  A couple of us guys from U.I.P will be there to support this event as it is far too intriguing to keep away from! There will be some top UFO researchers attending the event, who will discuss about their own personal experiences in reference to Warminster and beyond….a great time to meet and greet some very interesting people!

The Old Bell Inn Warminster - Holding the biggest UFO event in the UK for 2015!

The Old Bell Inn Warminster – Holding the biggest UFO event in the UK for 2015!

You may ask “what is this event all of this event about!?” so we have been in contact with a very nice Gentleman called Steve Wills who has been helping to organise this event, about the ins and outs about Warminster 2015: 50 Years Of The Thing.  Here goes people:

U.I.P –  Hi Steve please can you tell U.I.P what this upcoming event is all about ?

Steve W– Firstly thanks UFO international project for doing this interview Yeah sure the conference is the Brainchild of Kevin Goodman, Colin Rees…and Myself Steve Wills, Kevin has done much in keeping Warminster on the UFO map over the years…each August bank holiday brings the annual Warminster Skywatch…on one such evening a few years ago we all realised the 50th anniversary was looming and thought that a day conference was fitting to mark the event. A lot of veteran ufologist would of cut their teeth on the Warminster phenomenon, and is incredibly important in terms of a British context….up until Warminster occurred the public at large thought ufos were an American problem…only being seen in Utah or Arizona….so it changed everything.

U.I.P – Who is going to be attending the event?

Steve W– well we hope to attract ufo enthusiasts from up and down the country….we have a fantastic line up of speakers including Kevin Goodman author of ufo Warminster cradle of contact John Hanson author of the excellent Haunted Skies books Malcolm Robinson ufo/paranormal investigator Mike Oram ufo investigator/experiencer Steve Mera Paranormal/UFO researcher/investigator Ross Hemsworth who’s a radio and TV presenter who’s fronted a couple of paranormal TV/radio shows over the years…Ross will also be our MC for the day. Winston Keech is a crop circle/ufo researcher and specialist low light videographer who’s captured some incredible footage over the years.. And special guest speaker Peter Paget who ran a ufo centre in Warminster in the 70’s…he went on to write 2 seminal books on the subject ‘The Welsh Triangle’ and ‘UFO Uk’ Peter doesn’t do many conferences so its a massive coup for us.. There will also be an Auction and Award presentation on the day. The evening will bring the Annual skywatch from the legendary Cradle Hill.

U.I.P – What brought this event about, can you please can you explain what the Warminster ‘Thing’ is?

Steve W – Its a curious tag isn’t it ‘The Thing’…there’s a couple theories as to why the phenomena was dubbed that my best guess is that it came from association with the strange audible noises that were a prelude to the UFOs sightings that were to come a few months later…the term ‘The Thing’ in the first instance were attached to these odd sounds….but later also used for the ufo sightings and it just stuck i suppose. Interestingly other counties also used the term thing to describe ufo sightings after Warminster blew up as ufo window ..I’ve a newspaper report from Southampton using the term. And of course The Thing was a 1950s Sci-Fi b movie…which was made into a gory remake in the 80s by John Carpenter!

U.I.P –  Can I ask you Steve please, have you ever seen or heard of anything surreal in the Warminster area yourself?

Steve W – Most of the skywatching group have seen LITS around Warminster..(lights in the sky)..Kevin and Colin had a Major sighting at Cradle Hill in the seventies….and Believe Dave Horiden chairman of the Birmingham ufo group (bufog) had his own sighting on the annual skywatch just a few years ago.

U.I.P –   Most importantly will there be food and drink available to buy if people are coming from afar?

Steve W – The event is being held at the old bell hotel function room…and can provide meal deals on request across the day when ordered. We also have special commissioned Thing ale on the day.. 🙂

U.I.P –  Is there anything that you would like our followers who may consider coming to your event to bring along with them?

Steve W – Well if attendees want to also come along to the evening skywatch..I would recommend bringing addition warm/waterproof clothing as we cant guarantee the good ol British weather…also we would recommend should acquaint themselves with Cradle hill prior to it getting dark…so they can familiarise the ley of the land for safety reasons. It should be a cracking day and conference. And additional Skywatch in the evening…im really looking forward to it! For updates please go to the Warminster 2015 website… Warminster 2015…Warminster UFO fb pages along with Warminster Ufo Skywatcher fb group.

Thanks ever so much.


U.I.P – Thanks Steve, we cant wait to see you guys in August and REALLY looking forward to this event….especially trying a pint of ‘The Thing’ 😉

Steve Wills at the place to be in August 2015 ~ Warminster and it's beautiful surroundings!

Steve Wills at the place to be in August 2015 ~ Warminster and it’s beautiful surroundings!

Well people one thing we can assure of is this this, if you can make this event in August you are sure to be part of something exciting, and something which will help you unite with fellow believers who have had some incredible experiences themselves!

A couple of us guys from U.I.P will be there and cant wait, but we might be in disguise just in case the Men In Black track us down to the Old Bell Inn ha! Please check out the attached link to see some of the exciting guests attending this exciting event and most importantly to book your tickets ASAP! – http://www.warminster2015.uk/index.html

Book your tickets now!

Book your tickets now!

Here’s a classic video about the Warminster THING for you all to watch.  Hopefully see some of you guys in August:




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