Hampshire, UK. Circular UFO with Lights, UFO Report

Hampshire, UK. Circular UFO with Lights, UFO Report

Hi its MwV here, the Creator and Co-Owner of UFO International Project.  I just wanted to share my recent unusual image caught on Camera at the weekend, so thought I would join you guys and complete my very own sighting report!

Unfortunately I cannot disclose exactly where I was in the UK due to security reasons and having to keep our names and personal details private.  What I can confirm though is that I took this photo in the area of Hampshire UK last weekend and it was only after taking the photo did I notice this unusual object in the sky!

Please let me know if any of you guys have ever seen anything like this before?!?

I will be sharing my first UFO experience with you all soon too….the experience which changed my life FOREVER! 🙂



Date of Sighting: 21/3/15 @ approx 6am

Location of Sighting: Hampshire UK

Brief Description: I didn’t notice it UNTIL after the I had taken the photograph, but I noticed once reviewing the photo after that there is a large circular object in the sky with lights on it!

Full Description: As above! I took the photo first thing in the morning whilst taking in a beautiful sunrise! I did not notice anything unusual at the time, it was a very calm clear day!

Appearance: In the photo:  It is a circular object with what appears to be a few dotted lights on the underside of it!

Size: I cannot give an estimate of size really as it only showed up in the photo afterwards.  But I would say by guess that it could be about the size of a jumbo jet.

Distance: Not sure, hard to tell off a photo!

Day/Night: Daytime

Time: 6.00am (approx)

Surroundings: A stunning rural area in Hampshire on the Grounds of a manner House. I believe there are a few military bases in that area.

Duration: 2 minutes approx

Witnesses: 2

Explanations: No definitely not.

Reported Previously: No

Views: I am a true believer and the Creator of this Project.

Additional Comments: Important to check all of your photos to see what is hiding away in the background!

Background: U.I.P Co-Owner/Creator

Display Name on Website: Classified 🙂

Location of Submitter: South, UK.

Object Zoomed in

Object Zoomed in

Original Photo

Original Photo with Object circled!

Object Zoomed in a little

Object Zoomed in a little

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3 Responses to Hampshire, UK. Circular UFO with Lights, UFO Report

  1. UFOBill says:

    Check out this similar image from my nice Amy Jared on Facebook or myself on Facebook: William Roehling

  2. UFOBill says:

    Another very similar photo was photographed in Northern California a few days ago and can be seen on my Facebook page or on: Amy Jared or mine William Roehling