Secure Team ‘HOAX’

Secure Team ‘HOAX’




Unfortunately SECURE TEAM 10 has stepped into the UFO spotlight. It’s sad person who makes profit through deception. It clearly shows poor character quality and morals.
There are more then a few you tube channels “bringing home the bacon” by faking videos. (Quote from Tyler Glockner owner and creator of secure team ten).

"Bringing home the Bacon"

“Bringing home the Bacon”

They earn money through advertisements, so views equals dollars $$$. This is a look at the outright deception being played out. There are no links to that channel on this page. UIP will not support hoaxers.


What is disgusting about this is (secure team) Tyler had possibly instilled fear into the general population through his poor attempt at a planet x video.

Here was secure teams attempt of large body/planet x behind Saturn being debunked:


Obviously he didn’t know or realise that Saturn is on the opposite side of the sun.  This appeared some time ago and was immediately debunked with astronomy a scientific fact. The video continues to circulate even today. Views equals $$$


Another story picked up around the world from a SECURE TEAM 10 video was a cube coming through a portal.  I was immediately sceptical purely due to the source and it seems every week there is yet another ‘amazing’ sighting from secure team ten
While checking debunking of this I came across a talented you tuber showing an older method of faking footage. He mixes in a bit of humour with his explanation/demonstration while debunking clip.

Cube through the portal. That video circulated through the ufo community like wild fire. It was shared by many including some mainstream news outlets. Half a million views later $$$


At the start of this there is yet another debunking this time of a UFO leaving a crater on the moon. There is a great example of SECURE TEAM 10  ethics when it comes to the end. Tyler is caught out on Facebook “bringing home the bacon”

Third phase of moon operate like this, but since they have been exposed I believe a lot of people have stopped  believing and watching their clips. Here’s a recent article done by MWV – Click HERE


Many people are being lured by the computer generated images seen on a lot of major websites or from youtube channels. Secure team and third phase of moon will ALWAYS be the boys who cried wolf now.
We can promise as we find a fake channels – UIP will expose them for what they are!

What caused me to write this article is the fact they claim to be part of the study of this phenomenon. They bring discredit the field and are actually making it harder for those that are seriously looking for answers.
There is no doubt of interstellar beings visiting earth, but seeing them land visually capturing them doesn’t happen everyday.

My advice is if you see the logos of these channels on the video thumbnail don’t even bother watching them. They are probably fake.

Digger, Mwv, O.P.S.

Click the link below if you have a sighting.  Contact us through the web page or facebook. The option to remain anonymous  for public viewing of the sighting is yours:


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