The Extraterrestrial Crafts Communicating With ‘US’

The Extraterrestrial Crafts Communicating With ‘US’




Hi, it’s MWV here, U.I.P’s Creator.  About three weeks ago I submitted my very own personal sighting report to U.I.Ps website (please click HERE to read my report) after witnessing a large UFO high up in the night sky ‘RESPOND’ back to me after I called out in my mind for them to “show themselves” – the UFO acknowledged my call out to them by ‘Flashing’ a bright back to me!

You will find many videos on YouTube which show you what appears to be UFO’s in the sky responding back to people on the ground who are using ‘laser pens’ (not recommended please!) and actually getting a response from the unknown craft, which usually consists of a VERY bright flash of light (please see video below).  These crafts are hard to make out, but one thing is clear, there is not one piece of evidence that suggest anything ‘man-made’ can pulsate a light like that to the public down below!


I and many others have had experiences of UFO’s pulsating ‘blinding lights’ back towards us, but not by using dangerous laser pens (which could potentially cause an accident in the sky if you beamed this into a pilots eyes) but purely by fixating your mind with the night sky and urging them to “show themselves” through your mind!

I have added my sighting report below for you again to read through please.  That night CONFIRMED to me what many others have believed for a long time, that the ET’s ARE watching us from the skies above, but more importantly they are listening to us too.  Many top researchers have stated that Advanced Alien Beings have learnt/developed a way of communicating through thoughts – My personal experience confirms this, as it was VERY clear that what I saw was responding to my ‘calling’ them! It was a light so bright that it hurt my eyes and as soon as I asked “is that you” it pulsated its light even Brighter than before as if to say “YES it is!”

The ET’s are supposed to be telepathic and communicate through thoughts, my experience confirmed in my mind that this is true.  If you think positive thoughts and call for them, they will listen and show themselves to you eventually.

Please read my report below and let us know whether you have experienced the same thing before?

  • Date of Sighting: 10th July 2015
  • Location of Sighting: South West UK – Gloucestershire area
  • Brief Description: Huge craft up flashing a ‘Blinding’ light from up high in the sky – After I had asked for them to show themselves.
  • Full Description: It was about 12am at night and after my other sighting the other day of what appeared to be a huge fiery Orb like object behind my house, I decided to go into my back garden to inspect the night sky .  At first it was just another fairly clear night with a few sporadic clouds in the sky, when I was about to go back into the house and felt the sudden image to say in my mind “show yourselves!!” It may seem a little odd but I really did at the time feel as if something was watching from up there.  Suddenly I noticed an object up high in the sky, like a metallic sort of object with a  strange dull light on top of it…..this ‘UFO’ created a light from it so bright that it was hard to look, a huge bright circular white light round the whole craft!? It really did feel like this object was trying to say “I am DEFINITELY up here pal!” I kept watching but the craft just ‘vanished’ straight after this very odd sighting!? I have seen this craft/ufo before about 2 years
    ago above Bristol UK….it did the exact same!?
  • Appearance: Large dark metallic object….appeared to have a strange dull light above it.
  • Size: Impossible to say from that distance, but it was BIG!“““““““““““““ ““““““““
  • Distance: 15,000 ft,  perhaps maybe even higher!
  • Day/Night: Night
  • Time: 12pm (ish)
  • Surroundings: Rural, no bases near by…..that light was NO plane!
  • Duration: 30 seconds
  • Witnesses: Just me.
  • Explanations: No that light was just so very surreal and unlike anything I have ever seen before.
  • Reported Previously: No just to HERE.
  • Views: I am the creator for U.I.P and have been researching UFO’s and Alien contact for quite a while now.
  • Additional Comments: It could be a complete coincidence but I really felt like they were trying to let me know that they were very much HERE watching down on us….I would like to encourage others to think positive communication thoughts whilst looking up to see if they experience the same thing
  • Background: I have been researching UFO’s for a long time now!
  • Display Name on Website: Yes
  • Location of Submitter: South West, UK.

One of the admins on U.I.P had a similar experience too:

“Yeah I’ve had them flash bk twice with a bright light and the other night about 2am was playing with my 3 lasers and a red orb looking thing flew from south to north but no noise at all definitely not aviation light.”  DMH

The Aliens NEED us to call out to them?

Could it be that the UFO sightings around the world are doubling because they are aware that there is a large proportion of Planet Earth that are now very much aware that we are NOT alone and being visited daily?  Could it also be that they NEED us, the Human Race, to call out to them and ask for them to show themselves to us? Yes there is a very high possibility this is the case as I have witnessed this with my very own eyes – like many other people around the world!

Dr Steven Greer  is an American retired medical doctor and ufologist who founded the Centre for the Study of Extra-terrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) and The Disclosure Project, which seeks the disclosure of suppressed UFO information. Dr Steven Greer helped create the CE-5 Initiative alongside his team that he works with.

The CE-5 Initiative has as its central focus bilateral ETI-human communication based on mutual respect and universal principles of exchange and contact. CE types 1-4 are essentially passive, reactive and ETI initiated. A CE-5 is distinguished from these by conscious, voluntary and proactive human-initiated or cooperative contacts with ETI. Evidence exists indicating that CE-5s have successfully occurred in the past, and the inevitable maturing of the human/ETI relationship requires greater research and outreach efforts into this possibility. While ultimate control of such contact and exchange will (and probably should) remain with the technologically more advanced intelligent life forms (i.e., ETI), this does not lessen the importance of conscientious, voluntary human initiatives, contact and follow-up to conventional CE-s types 1-4. CSETI is the only worldwide effort to concentrate on putting trained teams of investigators into the field where 1) active waves of UFO activity are occurring, or 2) in an attempt to vector UFOs into a specific area for the purposes of initiating communication. Contact protocols include the use of light, sound, and thought. Thought – specifically consciousness – is the primary mode of initiating contact.


The CE-5

CE-5 is an area which U.I.P is very keen to learn more about and through my recent experience of ‘communicating’ with a UFO through my thoughts only, CE-5 could be a VERY important way of learning how to master the art of communicating with our Extra-terrestrial friends in the skies above us! Again, please let us know about any of YOUR experiences with CE-5?

Dr Steven Greer - Founder of CE-5

Dr Steven Greer – Founder of CE-5


Please see image and video below of a recent VERY successful CE-5 event:

Huge Golden UFOs Filmed Over Vero Beach Florida During CSETI Event - These golden objects at the CE-5 event were viewed with very advanced night vision binoculars. There were NO boats or ships seen anywhere in the area of the objects.

Huge Golden UFOs Filmed Over Vero Beach Florida During CSETI Event – These golden objects at the CE-5 event were viewed with very advanced night vision binoculars. There were NO boats or ships seen anywhere in the area of the objects.


It is clear to many of us that we are being ‘Drip-fed’ Disclosure by NASA and the worlds Governments (please click HERE for more on this) but this process appears slow and frustrating to many ‘believers’ out there and it is clear to remember that our so-called leaders do NOT want to lose the control over us!

There is still a very high percentage of world that shun the thought of life beyond planet earth, whether that’s through their own personal beliefs or through ignorance – This is the ET’s major concern I’m sure, how will the public respond to one of their crafts appearing over lets say a capital City like London – it will create fear and panic, something which the Elite of this world could use against the Extraterrestrials! This is why we ALL need to educate the masses and help open people’s minds, and most importantly we all need to start calling out to our Extra-terrestrial friends in the sky…….This potentially is the only way we will ever get true Disclosure, BY ASKING THEM TO SHOW THEMSELVES!

What’s next?…

The ET’s are here and I advise you ALL to go out into your garden on a clear night and look up towards the stars and ASK THEM TO SHOW THEMSELVES – We think you will be pleasantly surprised by the outcome, so much so that U.I.P is now looking to arrange a date called the ‘World Wide Wave’ (W.W.W) which we all call out to the skies above us, at the same time of the day, for the ET’s to hear us as one voice…..we will keep you updated on this VERY soon.

We are VERY much not alone, and there is a specific ET race that are very keen to communicate with us all…I have personally seen this and experienced this for myself and it was one of the most fantastic feelings ever.

The Elite do not want us to talk to each other let alone the ET Beings….Its now time to unite with another and our visitors in the sky!


U.I.P's future mass 'ET Calling' Project - World Wide Wave

U.I.P’s future mass ‘ET Calling’ Project – World Wide Wave





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