Vintage Photo Of a ‘HUGE Mothership’ UFO, sent to U.I.P

Vintage Photo Of a ‘HUGE Mothership’ UFO, sent to U.I.P



The other day I received a very interesting to our FB page asking if we would like to see an “important photo” that the person wanted to share.  Of course we said “yes” and kept an open mind on what to expect, and THEN we receive this incredible image (un-highlighted photo below) which we have checked and it has been un-edited, un-treated and as you can see has had a battle with time (and a glass of spilt water on the top of the photo).

The lady that kindly messaged us explained that ‘water damage’ had ruined the top part of the photo, but she was VERY keen to share her story on how she managed to get her hands onto this impressive ‘head-scratching’ image!

If you do not see it at first, then look a little closer towards the top part of the photo (where I have highlighted in red) and you can see the ‘apparent’ shape of this impressive looking craft, with what appears to be lights and detail of clear structure along the sides.  We can not as of yet confirm the age of this photo, but what amazes us even more is the fact that this is no old fashioned flying saucer looking craft, this appears to be something way beyond mankind’s technical understanding!

Us guys at U.I.P have named this ship ‘Big Mama!’  (please see original image below)


Us guys at U.I.P believe that this image could be of a craft which was possibly semi-cloaked, as you can see the edges of the unknown craft pretty clearly if you look a little closer! Perhaps the person that witnessed this maybe heard it first or could see the edges of this UFO in the sky so immediately took the photo!?

This reminds us of those strange cloud formations caught on camera BUT with actual detail, lights and structure! In our eyes this is an INCREDIBLE capture and we really do urge you to share this post to the world and let people see this incredible photo of what appears to be a huge Mothership above Planet Earth.

We are going to do more digging into this and then come back to you.  Please see the report below off the lady who sent this photo in.  Note the VERY interesting comment in her post “The book it fell out of talks about possible UFO’s arriving to help humanity get out of the mess they have created.”

This photo could quite possibly be a HUGE piece of ‘proof that we are being visited’


U.I.P Sighting Report – Location: Florida (suspected) – Date: Unknown (TBC)

Location of Sighting: Possibly Florida

Appearance: it appears to be a round object with fine details around the side. It appears to have a diamond shape at the bottom. Very large object. cloaked in the clouds.

Size: unknown

Distance: unknown

Day/Night: Daytime

Time: unknown

Surroundings: rural

Duration: unknown

Witnesses: unknown

Explanations: unknown, not a natural object, not a weather balloon, satellite, or blimp

Reported Previously: No

Views: I have read some material on UFOs. I have read the book Communion years ago. I also had a sighting once. I saw a large yellow Triangular craft move over head at a camp ground in the early morning once. I have had dreams about ships and other interesting things happen in my dreams.

Additional Comments: This picture was given to me by a boyfriend. it was in an old family photo album. I like it so he gave it to me. I put it away somewhere and forgot about it for years. just a few weeks ago, in August 2015, I got the inclination to read a book I had. I have not read for pleasure in years so I was surprised that I even wanted to pick up this book. It is called Mary’s message to the world. I opened it up and the picture fell out. I thought that I had lost it. The book it fell out of talks about possible UFO’s arriving to help humanity get out of the mess they have created.

Background: I just recently graduated with my bachelor of Science in Psychology. i am now working as a substitute teacher in Florida.

Display Name on Website: Yes

Location of Submitter: Orlando, Florida

Submitter Age: 44

Please see below zoomed in and highlighted areas where you can CLEARLY SEE that this is some kind of huge ‘craft’ in the sky, look at the detail:



Makes you wonder about videos like this, perhaps there is more to them than meets the eye:


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