When Train Meets UFO – Kentucky, January 2002

When Train Meets UFO – Kentucky, January 2002




It was a cold Winters night back in 2002, January 14th, when a CSX Train which was pulling a 16,000-ton line of coal and freight cars from Russell to Shelbiana, Kentucky, that it had an encounter with something completely ‘unexplained’ and had destructive consequences!

Near milepost 42 the double track was running beside the Big Sandy River and a cliff face carved out of the mountainside to provide room for the tracks, when out of nowhere at 2.47am that the Conductor at the time saw some strange lights up ahead when approaching a tight bend in the rail tracks. Guessing that it was just another train up ahead, the conductor flashed the trains lights and blew the horn as a warning to the ‘apparent’ vehicle up ahead.

BUT this event went VERY strange all of a sudden, and the train experienced some kind of intermittent electricity power cut, and the diesel engines of both locomotives suddenly died! The proximity alarm then began to scream out into the winter’s night.  The train crew looked out again at the front of the train and saw a VERY unusual sight – Hovering over the river and the tracks were a group of ‘unidentifiable objects’.

The crew described the objects as ‘metallic’ in appearance,  with multiple coloured lights on both the bottom and middle section of the craft (please see image above!).  The objects all appeared to have some kind of search lights looking ahead of them.


There were no windows on these unusual looking crafts, confirmed the train crew at the time, and the UFO’s appeared to be about 20 feet in length and probably just about over 10 feet in height.  The train crew apparently panicked as they could see that the strange objects were not far off the train tracks and heading straight towards them.  Even though the emergency breaking system kicked in as soon as the power had cut off to the train, a vehicle that heavy does not stop instantly.  Within seconds the locomotive struck one of the UFO’s hard at the front of the train, knocking the crew to the floor!  It clipped the front engine and then bounced around to cut a piece from the second engine and damage the first two coal cars. Straight away the UFO’s took off from the area and disappeared into the night sky.

Damage caused by the UFO's

Damage caused by the UFO’s


It took at least TWO MILES for the train to come to a standstill after this collision with these unknown objects.  As soon as the train had come to a standstill, unusually the engines sprung straight back into life!  The train crew immediately called through to the dispatcher in Jacksonville, to make him aware of the strange/frightening event that happened to them.  The damage was accessed straight away, and they were instructed to try to make it to the Paintsville rail yard where, even though the train was just about operational anymore, they would be able to drop off the damaged locomotive!

As soon as the crew had arrived at Jacksonville, they were immediately questioned by some unknown men (possibly the Men In Black!?) about what had happened to them, and what exactly had they witnessed at the time of the crash with the unknown objects.  After being questioned for a while the train crew were taken out and placed on a smaller railroad carrier headed for Martin, Kentucky.  They witnessed the damaged part of the train and the engines were being removed from the train and taken to some ‘unknown’ destination!

The train crew were questioned for Two hours by a small group of unknown men

The train crew were questioned for Two hours by a small group of unknown men

As soon as the train crew had arrived at their next destination they were again questioned by railroad inspectors about what had happened to them.  The train crew were then instructed to start their next shift, working on another train back towards Russell, Kentucky.  The really strange thing was that when they had passed back through Paintsville, there was NO sign at all of the damaged train that had been involved with the collision with the UFO OR the large group of unknown men that had arrived at the scene – it was like they had simply vanished!?

Twin tracks near CSX Cumberland Subdivision at Paw Paw, West Virginia. Photo Sturmovik. CC-BY-SA-3.0; Released under the GNU Free Documentation License.

Twin tracks near CSX Cumberland Subdivision at Paw Paw, West Virginia. Photo Sturmovik. CC-BY-SA-3.0; Released under the GNU Free Documentation License.

Source idea for post: http://alieneight.com/close-encounters-of-the-accidental-kind-ufo-and-train-collide-near-kentucky-mountain-town.htm

U.I.P SUMMARY – Not that it really comes to that much of a surprise as we are used to reading about ‘lies and cover-up’s’ but the official verdict on the Kentucky train crash was that the train was hit by a rock slide in one of the train way tunnels that dot the tracks through this mountainous region.  But guess what people? Yep, there has been NO report of the rock slide or its cleaning up ever been found!!?

This story was even kept hidden by the media, which is strange after such a potentially dangerous/strange event! After reading a little more into this story, you almost get the impression that the UFO’s were inspecting the water for ‘something’.  There have been numerous different stories about UFO’s over water, in some cases UFO’s have been seen TAKING water from Rivers and lakes!

It has been suggested that the UFO could have crashed into the Big Sandy River next to where the accident happened, but as of yet NOTHING has been found or discovered….just many unanswered questions about WHO or WHAT these UFO’s are!

MWV. O.P.S – U.I.P


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