Aliens make the headlines at last!!…Well, kind of!


Aliens in the Headlines

Aliens in the Headl

On Wednesday the 7th January 2015 I very nearly chocked on my coffee when looking at the ‘Sky News channel’ online!

The reason for this is due to the fact that something happened which I have been hoping would happen for a very long time! There was a Sky News headline with the title ‘Earth’s ‘closest’ Twins Could Host ALIEN LIFE!’ and an article attached detailing how the Kepler Space Mission ( has found eight new planets in the habitable zone around their stars, of which three or four of those are a similar size to Planet Earth and are located in the not too cold, not too hot ‘Goldilocks Zone’ where water is able to form, NASA confirmed at the 225th meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Seattle. BUT, the most intriguing discovery was that two of the planets have rocky, hard surfaces, not gas Giants or ice worlds and getting the same heat from their stars as we do on planet earth from our sun!

Habitable planets found

Habitable planets found

I have attached the original link from Sky News which nearly chocked me on my nice cup of coffee, which goes more in depth about the science of this exciting discovery, but the thing which tickled me the most was NASA’s comment “What we’re really looking for is signs of life eventually. We’re not there yet. It will take time but this is the first step!” THIS comment off NASA coinciding with the Medias mention of ‘Alien Life’ as a headline is a step in the right direction for us Truth Seekers!!

There is no longer denying the truth that we not alone in the Universe, in fact the Universe is infested with life, with a potential of Billions of habitable planets just in our very own Milky Way Galaxy. And there can also be no more denying the fact that we are indeed being visited by visitors not of this world, this case is getting stronger and stronger as each day goes by, what with the amount of very ‘credible’ sightings being seen throughout the planet! With this new stage of consciousness in mankind, the world leaders, who control the media, are preparing us for some ‘kind of’ Disclosure, but only by drip by drip!

What’s next?

Habitable Planets

Habitable Planets

In our opinion here at UIP, we feel that we are being ‘prepared’ for Disclosure. Those in the know will NEVER admit to the fact that they have lied to us and kept us from the truth about the Extra-terrestrial beings, it will more be the case of them saying to us “well we did tell you that there was life out there!!”

It really is all coming to light now people so it is critically important that we keep surging forward and pushing hard for the Truth. We can accept things the media tell us and present us with, but the important thing is looking from the outside in and seeing how our minds are being manipulated.

These are very exciting times people, when I was a child we were encouraged to believe that we were the only ‘lucky ones’ in an infinite Universe. Now look what we have, ‘Billions’ of Habitable planets around us and now a 97% chance of Habitable life planets have been discovered! All we need to discover now is ‘how’ they have been travelling to us, ‘who’ they are, and how long have we been lied to!!

I wonder what will soon be the next headline on Sky News that makes me choke on my coffee…..


Life out there!

Life out there!


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