Stephen Bassett’s U.I.P Question & Answer Time


I’m sure a lot of you guys are aware of Mr Stephen Bassett,  and all of the great efforts he has put into discovering the TRUTH and getting Disclosure off those who lie to us and deceive us.

Stephen is a very key important figure in the UFO Disclosure arena, and recently back in 2013 brought together the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. At that time 42 researchers and military/agency/political witnesses from 10 countries testified for 30 hours over five days before six former members of the U. S. Congress regarding events and evidence confirming and Extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. The Hearing was filmed and webcast.

(please see a short video of Stephens enthusiasm and thoughts on Disclosure)


After recently help support Steve and his team on their Disclosure Petition to the White House, we asked Mr Bassett if he would mind answering some of our fantastic followers questions, of which he kindly turned around and said “its a pleasure”

So here goes people, the full Questions and Answers that were sent to Stephen.  Please note that certain specific questions he couldn’t answer, which you will see from some of the responses.

Please enjoy reading through this and thank you again to Stephen for agreeing to do this…….keep up the great work and thank you for making a stand against those that hide the truth from us all.

Stephen Bassett’s Q & A

“It is important to note I am not a researcher, I am a ‘political activist’. There are researchers with a deeper understanding of the subjects raised” Stephen Bassett

Question: What are these light orbs that are being seen around the world in numerous different colours, are the alien or human made ? (Northwest Alabama ufo light orbs)

Answer: It is an intriguing phenomenon, but I do not know what it is. (S.B)

Question: Is it possible to contact these aliens in the sky and if so how? (Agnes Dolosa)

Answer: This is called a CE-5 event when humans request contact of some kind and there is a response. There is a growing number of groups around the world that are attempting CE-5 contact.  Many claim to have success. (S.B)

Question: Who are the aliens visiting us and why are they here? (UIP)

Answer: Hundreds of thousands of contact accounts seem to indicate five or six different kinds of extraterrestrials are engaging the human race at this time. Almost certainly their origins are other planets in other solar systems.  Only the extraterrestrials know precisely why they are here.  The contact accounts seem to indicate very complex genetic work involving humans. It is also suggested they are part of a transition process underway leading to a Disclosure event possibly followed by open contact. (S.B)

Question: What happens after disclosure and do we get a say in our future or are we destined to be ruled by the ET’s? (Simon Farren)

Answer: There is little evidence pointing toward ETs ruling the Earth at some future time.  There is much evidence for interaction with humans in the present and the past.  No one knows exactly how the post-Disclosure world will unfold, but the collective evidence points toward an extraordinary time of world view change. Humans will have as much influence in the post-Disclosure world as they are willing to demand and work for. (S.B)

Question: Have they intervened in human existence and if yes in what way? ( Roberto DG)

Answer: The evidence indicates they are engaging the human race. No one knows exactly how they might have affected human development, but the evidence points toward genetic influence..(S.B)

Question: Why are they hidden from the general population here on earth? (Pamela Edmonstone)

Answer: They are not hidden.  Their craft are seen all around the world. They conduct covert interactions with humans.  However, there seems to be limits on how far they will project their presence. (S.B)

Question: And do they come to earth offering peace? (Pamela E)

Answer: They may have, but I do not know.(S.B)

Question: Were the Aliens the Gods we were referring to back then? (Joseph Jones)

Answer: It is very possible many of the gods of the ancient world were representations of ETs.  This has not been proven, but much more will be learned in the post-Disclosure world. (S.B)

Question: How do aliens travel 1000+ light years distance so easily to get here to planet earth (Amanullah Elham)

Answer: They know more about physics than humans and have circumvented the relativistic speed limit. (S.B)

Question: Do you think they will grow impatient of government intransigence and ‘show up’ to get things moving? (William Nicholson)

Answer: That could happen and it would not be a good thing. Forced Disclosure by ETs will be very destructive and unsettling.  We need to self-Disclose as soon as possible. (S.B)

Question: Are they interdimensional? (William Weed)

Answer: We don’t know, but I consider it unlikely. (S.B)

Question: Is there really such an occurrence as stargates? (Fran Broussard-McDonald)

Answer: There is little evidence of the existence of stargates.(S.B)

Question: Do you believe in the 10th or 12th planet Nibiru? (Nita Pate Kinnane)

Answer: There are undiscovered bodies within our solar system, yes.  However, I have little confidence in the theories about a Nibiru or Planet X.(S.B)

Question: and do you believe the ancient Sumerians were right about the 3,600 year cycle approaching now? (Nita Pate Kinnane)

Answer: There are many cycles referred to in history. I do not know if the 3600 cycle is of any importance.(S.B)

Question: Are we humans native to this planet or do animals belong here and we came here to live as an alien experiment? (Loving human)

Answer: Humans are almost certainly native to this planet, but may have been influenced by non-terrestrial interactions.(S.B)

Question: Were the aliens responsible for the pyramids and ancient civilizations?  (UIP)

Answer: I don’t know.(S.B)

Question: Do we need to be afraid of them as according to many experiments they do with people,  they Do not come in peace? (Dalibor Lalic)

Answer: After eighteen years in the field, it is my view the extraterrestrials are not a threat to human society and the future of the human race.(S.B)

Question: At your knowledge,  how many species of aliens live on the earth today (David Brooks )

Answer: The evidence points toward five or six kinds of ETs engaging the planet.  I do not think they live amongst humans, and that can’t be proven at this time.(S.B)

Question: and how many are helping the government’s in new technology? (David Brooks – continued)

Answer: I don’t know.(S.B)

Question: The sky is sprayed with supposed chemicals is there any connection with ufos? (Tairain Dyaran)

Answer: I don’t know(S.B)

Question: How will disclosure come about? (Scott Wicker)

Answer: It will likely begin with an announcement from the head of state of a single nation. Other nations will quickly follow. The announcement will likely be accompanied by evidence from government resources.(S.B)

Question: How long have the Americans been working with the ET’S, before or after Roswell? (Johnny Styles)

Answer: It has not yet been proven the U. S. Government is working with ET’s.  It is possible.  If true, it would have likely begun in the 1950’s. (S.B)

End Of Questions.

Thank you again to Stephen from all of us here at U.I.P and all of our followers  for your time and effort with answering these questions, lots of great thought provoking  answers here!

We look forward to supporting Stephen in the exciting times ahead…


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