U.I.P – Why We Are Here and Ready To Fight For The TRUTH

U.I.P – Why We Are Here and Ready To Fight For The TRUTH




The WHY..

It’s MWV here, the Creator and Co-Owner of UFO International Project.  Let me tell you a little story about us, ‘U.I.P’

U.I.P and Truth Seekers across the world are nowadays continuously under attack from those who deny us all of the truth,  and sadly the Elite/Governments (both the same) are winning with their high tech technology and spying/hacking equipment. But NOW is the time that we all can change this people and unite as One in order to take the fight back to them!!

UFO International Project started off as an ‘idea’ about 20 months ago between myself (MWV) and O.P.S after being involved with UFO research for a good few years.  We decided that with the success we both had working on other project which we helped managed, NOW was the time to go independent and create a worldwide unity between Truth Seekers and Believers across the world! We had seen the failures of MUFON who are now nothing else but a cash making machine that get paid by Bigelow Aerospace for their ‘decent’ reported sightings! We could also see how certain people around the world were using the whole UFO phenomenon to their advantage, such as Third Phase of Moon (or also now known as Third Phase of The Wooden Spoon), the recent joke that was the Roswell Slides, all created to make money through fake sightings and fake stories….Now was the time to put our passions and beliefs into discovering the truth about the UFO’s in the sky and Alien contact and connect with people all around the Planet!

The TEAM..

I personally like other members of the U.I.P team have had my own personal reasons for getting involved with the whole UFO research/Ufology. Please see below the reasons behind what helped towards the creation of U.I.P:

MWV (Creator – Britain) – My first sighting was on the 11.11.2011 at 11.11pm after watching a film at the cinema with my Daughter in the West midlands area of the UK, and guess what the film was that I watched……The Awakening! Seems very relevant doesn’t it – many people around the world are claiming that the numbers 11.11.11 are some kind of a genetic waking code inside each of us and has some important relevance to our existence as a species! I was driving back from the cinema with my Daughter when at the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of a HUGE UFO in the sky about the length of two large long haul passenger planes.  I looked over directly towards this object and it was an ‘angled’ shape, like an ‘off’ shaped dark triangle,  with huge pulsing bright orange energy sources underneath it (I can’t call it lights as it looked like it was what was powering the craft). This ‘thing’ was HUGE and completely silent apart from a loud ‘groaning’ sound before I looked over towards it!  This was NO man-made craft and this can be proven by the way it simply disappeared into nothing and didn’t come out of the other side of the cloud that it was passing through at the time.  Just like that this huge object low in the sky (actually just above a city which is a no no for aircraft to do in the area)  was gone, it was almost like it wanted to be seen, but somehow managed to hide its presence in the sky above us! This sighting has stayed with both myself and my daughter forever and after doing A LOT of digging into what this object was (spoke to local airports, army bases etc.) I came to an official decision in my mind that what I had seen was my first true Extra-terrestrial sighting! And this ladies and gentlemen is EXACTLY the reason why I have become determined to seek the TRUTH about the UFO’s in the sky and Alien contact.  This is also the reason why I created U.I.P alongside O.P.S who I have worked with before if Ufology! The 11.11.11 was the day that my mind TRULY became open! Discovering the Truth is a huge part of my life now…and uniting people around the world to help the truth ‘Together’

O.P.S (Admin- USA) – K there were many things that got me interested in UFOs . When i was a child in the 70s & 80s there was two different shows on that always had strange things UFOs being one. They showed a piece about the Arora Texas case were the people of the town buried a alien in the town cemetery. Also at the age of 8 we moved from Indianapolis to the country and down there we seen many different things that we really couldn’t explain. One night we were with a bunch of family friends we all seen something that was just amazing . It flashed all different colours and it was flying circles around the tow ( Martinsville) It circled around for a long time everyone was freaking out it was awesome. Come to find out it was a plain with a advertising banner behind it LOL !!! But just the thrill of that night hooked me. We did however see many things that absolutely was not a plain or anything else that could be explained. So around the age of 9 or 10 I started looking into everything I could about UFOs and aliens. I think at the age of 11 or 12 I read Chariots of the Gods by Eric Van Danican and it absolutely charged the way I looked at the world and life. So it’s really been a lifelong obsession of mine . In my teens my Mom and Step Dad got some property down in Brown co Indiana . Which is the most wooded area in the state. Many strange and unexplained phenomena happened down there during my teens and 20s. Some still to this day can’t be explained or understood ??? So this has been a really close and personal part of my life…

MXK (Admin – Nigeria) – Like everyone else, as a kid I saw a couple of alien movies, as they embark on intergalactic journey towards earth on their Mothership, entering our atmosphere with flying saucers, though it was quite interesting. one lucky night I was with a friend when I saw two objects flying towards the moon in a clear African sky, where we rarely have UFO sightings,as the twin objects heads towards the direction of the moon in a uniformed manner that doesn’t look mans technology, getting to the moons spot the lights went off.  My friend and I expected it to fly pass the moon but it never came out.  We tried Google to see if any rocket or spacecraft was launched, nothing was launched! Since then my interest in UFOs ignited.

Limey (Researcher – British born but now lives in the USA) – From when I can remember my dad was always into Sci-fi so it seemed normal to that we were not alone, as I got older I got into Dan Berlitz “the Bermuda Triangle” which got me into it, especially as it talks about aircraft getting lost. My first encounter I remember was a night match the Leicester City was playing, in the distance I noticed the whole game a red light going backwards and forwards in the same area, I passed it off as a red light in a crane, the next match we played was in the day, no cranes in that part of the sky. I was around 9 at the time. Then during the late 70’s early 80’s there was the cigar UFO phenomena, so I was hooked, thought I seen one but I am sure a plane, my next true siting was in Sarajevo at the end of the war, I was on lunch, laying in the dirt and I see an opaque orb high in the atmosphere, didn’t do anything special but it could have been a weather balloon, my next exciting one was when I went to Glastonbury festival, I think 1999 or 2000, I was around the campfire, I seen around 7 orbs in the distance, but I could see figures in the orbs, 1 in each, they were not in a straight line but staggered in a line, now I was off my head at the time, but I don’t hallucinate so I cannot definitely confirm, oh I forgot, this was weird when I was around 5, I remember being in a park with my grandma, there was a huge ball like flash in the sky, and almost instantly a weird bang, not like thunder but like a boom, kids in the park were screaming. My best were in America, my first, I was in New Mexico, looking towards the desert, next to a far off hill, around 10 miles away there was what looked like a black egg sitting motionless in the sky, it never moved for 2 hours until I lost it at dusk, I was a passenger, and I pointed it out to my driver, he had a shitty pair of binoculars, I looked at it and it was in fact a black and white “egg” curiously the white was at the bottom of the egg, and over the 2 hours I watched the white bit change positions to the top of it, during this time we stopped for gas, I seen someone doing yard work next to the gas station so I asked him if he ever seen the object I pointed out to him, he said yeah, regularly but had no clue what they were. So unknown with that sighting, next was around 6 years ago, I was in Chula Vista California just south of San Diego, I was in the Applebee’s car park in a mall, I looked up and seen a classic red orb zig zag floating against the wind in the distance and it seemed for away possibly over the ocean towards the west, I watched this for around 2 mins but lost it due to going behind a load of trees and buildings. I Louisville a few years back, right in front of me, broad daylight I seen a spinning black orbs that was rapidly flashing like a strobe come down, then arced back up before hitting the ground, the strobe effect was like sunlight flashing off a highly polished surface, much like a disco ball, it was around 3 miles away, too fast to be anything but unidentified. I now regularly see disappearing stars, and also blurred streaks across the sky at night ( I go night fishing regularly so unaffected by city lights), the dreams have happened since around the age of 10 to the present day, I have had dreams where I go outside and see in the sky masses of spacecraft of all sorts of shapes and sizes crisscrossing the skies at massive altitudes, the dreams are always the same and I am in the backyard of the house I was born in, in the dream all this seems normal, no panic, as if it’s natural, everything is calm, I still get them to this day, very similar and familiar. So quite a few for you there, I am still looking!

Digger (Admin – Australia) – How my interest started in ufos dates back to 1974 at the age of 6.I watched a TV show (black and white) called “Earth vs The Flying saucers.” I immediately became a Sci-fi fan. I saw the original airing of the series blue book here in Australia. This made me look to the sky’s. As I aged I read the book “Chariots of the gods by Eric Von Daniken. My eyes opened. I started to take interest in ancient texts and archaeological ruins. The first thing I learned was I had to forget the conditioning that schooling had placed on me. “The book of enki” was the real eye opener and truly amazing. This plainly speaks of space travel our solar system, creation. All in a 6500 year old text pressed into clay. Makes you wonder? Then of course with the arrival of the net and you tube my spare time was filled with looking for evidence and reading more ancient scripts translations and viewing footage. At 47 it’s more than a hobby now and time to help awaken the masses. It’s great to be part of the dedicated team of UFO International Project and thank you to those people that view the page.

Alpha (Admin – India) – when I was a child all I knew was there are 9 planets and 1 sun, but then as I grew up slowly and slowly the universe expanded. as I got to know more and more and then came a day when I realised that the universe is everlasting! That was the day when I began to realise that we can’t be alone in this everlasting beautiful universe! We are living in a planet that is so very small compared to other most of the bodies floating out in the universe. I was always curious about the universe, I kept thinking about how the others(ET’s) may look like or how they must be communicating and other stuff. Last year I saw some pages on facebook about them, I saw some videos and whenever I heard or read about them I felt a connection, and from then I started researching and thinking about them and other things happening out there and then I went through some amazing books like above black project the one by Dan Sherman it revealed a lot about them and many others ….and also looking for ufo’s in the night sky is the best thing to do, at least it clears our doubts that we are in the right path. The path in search for the truth, it takes us to a higher level of consciousness and make us feel enlightened.
And then I found these amazing beings just as curious as me to know about them i.e. ‘UFO INTERNATIONAL PROJECT’..I felt a connection, I felt like a family! I joined U.I.P to help highlight the possibilities out there and help the awakened ones, but to also help those who are still not yet truly awoken.

The Doctor (Admin – USA)We’ll unlike everyone else who has had an encounter I personally read ufo books as a child which got me more into the unknown started watching UFO hunters and all that other stuff on TV and then I met you guys which got me to realize our world is f*cked up and people are blinded by the lies of our elist I have wonder why I hated our government policy and now I understand why!


Giant 'translucent figures' are visiting Planet Earth - according to the FBI

As you can see we all have our very own true reasons for seeking the truth, just like YOU I’m sure. Please ensure that you share your stories too, as to why YOU are eager to seek the Truth about the UFO’s in the sky and Alien contact.

The WAR..

These last 4 years have brought a vast amount of knowledge and open mind-ness, but also a huge amount of threats and dangers to mine and some of other team members life’s.  We have touched on areas and dug in areas that those in control do not want people like us looking into….their threat is losing that ‘control’ that they are so desperate to hold onto!

Personally since researching UFO’s and Alien contact I personally have been threatened and warned on many occasions, potentially poisoned, which to this day has still affected my liver.  Other team members have experienced threats too and mysteriously become ill! Nearly all of us guys at U.I.P (there is 15 of us in total) now have issues with technologies and being hacked! Alpha was knocked off his motorbike last year by a tinted car, which watched him after the event and then slowly drove off! I have gone through about 5 phones in two years and it now looks like I may need a new laptop after only buying a new one a few months ago.  Oh yes and our website is being attacked nearly daily and lets not forget the threatening emails, some of which are off the supposed Illuminati “watching” us!? And people wonder why we hide our identities!?


I guess these are all the kind of prices that we have had to pay in order to hunt for the truth it appears.

Since working on this project it has pushed me and other guys to the limits far more than ever imagined, even affecting our own personal relationships! BUT, ‘they’ forget one major thing, we are all made of the ‘tough stuff’ and the more ‘they’ attack then the MORE we push for the truth and the more we unite the people of this world in this battle for the TRUTH!

There are those that want to quieten is!

There are those that want to quieten us all!


This is a battle that we and the rest of the Truth Seekers on this planet will NOT lose and we will all unite in our millions, BILLIONS even, in order to win this war…..and it is a war people, many of our friends in the UFO research world are being attacked also, and sadly some are paying the ultimate sacrifice and being killed off by our so called leaders who are now running scared from losing their self-proclaimed Power that they are desperate to hold onto…..When the Extra-Terrestrial Beings officially make contact it will be people like us who are consciously aware, that people are going to turn to!

THEY may try to stop us from seeking the truth and for pushing for the Truth, but they, the elite, will NEVER win as we are now in our masses and we are all charging full steam ahead to seek the TRUTH…..The Truth that we ALL deserve to know about.

The Universe is beginning to open up fellow truth seekers and as us guys at U.I.P always like to state ~ “Science Fiction is very much becoming Science Fact!” We now know that our very own Galaxy has Billions of potential Habitable Planets, Portals DO exist (confirmed by NASA) and soon we will learn of other Universes/Dimensions courtesy of the LHC machine at CERN (even if this discovery does put us all at risk!?). And of course we have daily UFO sightings in the sky…..Exciting times lie ahead for the Human Race.

We are winning this battle and this is proven by the ‘Drip Feeding Of Disclosure’ we are seeing so much of nowadays. The truth is the sky above us, the truth is all around us.

This is going to be one hell of a ride….Glad to have you all on-board with us!

MWV & The U.I.P Team



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    Thank you again for your extremely kind offer. We need as much support as possible 🙂

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