New Rendlesham UFO incident – with an Apache Gunship?

Are 'They' returning to Rendlesham Forest?

Are ‘They’ returning to Rendlesham Forest?


A video taken by a George Taylor appears to show three balls of light in the sky, as a British military Apache helicopter banks in the sky above the forest, as if watching these three Orb looking objects!

The video’s description on YouTube reads: “Spotted three balls of light in the sky on Sunday whilst walking around Rendlesham Forest and couldn’t believe what I was seeing! “Had a very weird feeling that I shouldn’t have been there.”

Mr Taylor has asked if anyone else saw the same scene as he did or might be able to explain what was happening.

Please see caught video below on the strange incident above Rendlesham Forest.


UIP Summary

This is incredible footage and the 3 Orb like objects appear to be toying with the military Helicopter, of which the Helicopter makes a quick retreat in the opposite direction of these 3 mysterious objects in the sky.

Perhaps whatever was seen back in 1980, is making a return to the area! The area has become synonymous with strange goings on and is often dubbed ‘Britain’s Roswell’

Who knows, maybe Rendlesham forest is like some kind of Portal for alien beings to pass through….!!?




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