‘Perfect’ Pulsing Orb, Caught Chasing Across The Skies Above Australia


‘Perfect’ Pulsing Orb Caught Chasing Across The Skies Above Australia




The Orbs that are being seen in the skies all around the world are increasing in numbers and a gentleman from Melbourne Australia has managed to capture on video a clear capture of one of these mysterious objects.

Peter who apparently has a genuine interest in UFO’s, was out in his garden on October 14th when he spotted an object that at first appeared to look like a kite at the side of his house so he went off to investigate.  Much to Peters surprise what he was actually looking at was a large bright pulsing white Orb flying quickly through the skies above Melbourne.

The witness managed to get a short piece of footage of the unknown object in the sky, of which you can see straight away that this is one of those mysterious Orbs that are being seen all over the world – I have seen one of these myself and this is EXACTLY the same thing.

Please see the video below:

U.I.P SUMMARY – This in my eyes is not just one of the best UFO captures caught on video this year, but it is also one of the best/most clearest captures of an Orb EVER!

The Orb has to be one of the most commonly seen UFO’s in the skies nowadays and the numbers appear to be increasing dramatically.

As you can see in the short video the Orb is travelling at an immense speed above Melbourne, most Orbs that are seen tend to be travelling at different speeds, some fast and some slow – giving the impression that these unknown objects are ‘controlled’ in some way.

The brightly lit white ‘pulsing’ Orb and the fiery red Orbs are some of the most common one seen in the skies – however, a large eerie looking black Orb has also been witnessed in the sky recently (please click HERE for more).

Please let us know if YOU have ever seen an Orb before – in fact please report it here –


The creepy looking Black Orb now being seen across the world.

The creepy looking Black Orb now being seen across the world.

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