“Probably Aliens” Confirms Top Physicist, On The Recent US Government UFO Video

Dr Michio Kaku, the well known American physicist has recently publicly announced that he believes that the US governments recent UFO release video could actually be super advanced Alien beings.

He originally first claimed that said a bizarre object US military personnel reported seeing, which had been pursuing some of their warplanes could be a new type of super-fast aircraft. The Dr soon after making this claim dismissed it and now believes that this could indeed be an alien craft in the new controversial video.

This latest video which shows a US fighter jet following a strange looking UFO comes after the US government recently dd a complete U-Turn and confirmed that they had indeed spent MILLIONS of dollars researching UFO’s – something that they had denied for many years! The Pentagon confirmed that the Department of Defense funded a £16.5 million secretive program investigating the existence of aliens on Earth. This rather shocking revelation has now finally disclosed the true aim of the mysterious and much unknown ‘Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program’.

Check out the incredible footage below:

It was according to a report from the New York Times, the US Government-funded programme investigated reports of UFOs between 2007 and 2012. However, according to former employees of the investigative force, the programme has continued to probe mysterious reports under another secretive name.  According to the original founder of the program, only a select few officials knew of the programme and many top military officials were no even told about it! This has confirmed in many people’s eyes across the planet that the US government is officially building up to ‘ET Disclosure’.

In this eerie encounter, a huge whitish oval object, about the size of a commercial plane, was chased by two Navy F/A-18F fighter jets from the aircraft carrier Nimitz off the coast of San Diego.

The footage, which was released by the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, sees the pilots unable to identify a mysterious “fleet of UFOs”.

One of the pilots said that the mysterious rotating aircrafts were “going against the 120mph wind”.  Despite the Pentagon’s claim that the programme has been shut down, its original backers say that the investigations are ongoing.

Mr. Elizondo who had been running the programme until 2012 confirmed that the effort has CONTINUED and that he now had a successor, whom he declined to name!

Strangely, the UFO that the fighter jet was chasing suddenly hurtled towards the sea before stopping at 20,000ft and then disappearing. The US government has refused to discuss this matter publicly any further!

Recently on Twitter the world famous Physicist Dr Kaku, gave his shocking theory on the bizarre encounter and also on the Pentagon research.

He said:

“Are UFOs chasing our jet fighters, as recent secret documents suggest?

“Maybe they are experimental hypersonic drones. Or maybe aliens from outer space? I keep an open mind.”

Even though Russia and China are both apparently developing hypersonic aircraft, which are capable of flying more than five times the speed of sound, the chances of these UFO’s in this video being down to them are incredibly slim, especially after the way one UFO simply disappeared into nothing!

Incredibly ex-US Navy pilot commander David Fravor, who was in one of the two fighter jets chasing the UFO in 2004, warned that “world leaders should take the threat of aliens seriously”. He then went on to throw his support behind former Pentagon official Luis Elizondo who led the top-secret £16 million Advanced Aviation Threat Identification program.

The Pentagons secrets can no longer remain hidden.

Speaking about his encounter Mr Fravour said:

“It was a clear day with a blue background and it was perfectly white.

“We didn’t see any windows, no form of propulsion, nothing, just a big white object.

“I cut across to see if I could get closer and it rapidly accelerated and disappeared.

“Within a matter of a second it was gone.”

Retired US Navy pilot commander David Fravor

Mr Fravor then went on to give a stark warning to world governments he said:

“We all need to take these seriously as a species, because right now we don’t know the intent of these things, if they’re like ET it’s great, if they’re like War of the Worlds not so much.”

He insisted the object was alien in origin.

He said:

“I know what I saw, it was impressive, it had incredible performance, obviously I wasn’t in a hostile act with it, you’d have your hands full if you were.”

Mr Fravor, who retired in 2006, said it was frustrating it had taken so long for this to come out, as he believes more could have been learnt from his experience.

Mr Elizondo, who was the former head of a secret US government programme, believes that Earth may well have been visited by alien life via the unidentified aircraft and that there is also proof.

He resigned from the US Department of Defence in October to protest against the excessive secrecy and opposition to the programme he was in charge of.


Classic original image from the War Of The Worlds novel


When leading scientist make public claims that Aliens exist and are perhaps visiting planet earth, then it is time for the entire planet to wake up and accept what is really going on!

We have had many top scientists recently publicly announce their belief that aliens are visiting planet earth, of which some even believe that aliens created our entire existence here on planet Earth (please see some below previous articles confirming this!). Unfortunately when stories like this become public the elite release their paid puppet scientists, like Neil deGrasse Tyson, who soon after this video was released gave his dismissive views on what this object may have been – no matter what it wasn’t aliens he believes (yet again!):

But lets not forget all of the other recent OFFICIAL sightings and stories about UFO’s that were made public – it appears the build up to alien disclosure may very well be on the way!

We told you 2018 was going to be an important year for discovery!


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