ET’s Winning The War Against The Elite (No Weapons Required – YET)

There can be no denying the fact that there is a world wide ‘awakening’ happening on Planet Earth and this appears to fall in line perfectly with the ET’s! UFO are sightings are at a maximum high across the planet, with MUFON now confirming that the figures have trebled, and this is only the ones reported by individuals.  It appears that the Elite are now being pushed into a corner by the ET’s and Alien disclosure is now a 100% inevitable – but when and at what price for humanity?

There was a time, not so long ago, that the mere mention of the word ‘Extraterrestrial’ was either referred to as something sinister in the movies, or you were completely crazy for ever even considering that there was any other lifeforms in the Universe! Now though Aliens, ET’s, UFO’s and the many theories of life beyond planet earth, is headline news and probably one of the most talked about subject matters on social media. But this is completely the opposite of what the controlling Elite want!

It is almost as if the planet is slowly but surely waking up to the fact that the universe is a place that we all belong to.  Perhaps this is also to do with the fact that the human race is getting sick and tired of what is currently going on in this planet, what with wars and divisions between the people, spreading across the planet like a disease – people are now starting to look from the outside in and excited about the potential possibilities of what other advanced alien beings could offer us all.

It has been suggested that since the days of Roswell, certain world leaders and governments came to some kind of an agreement with the ET’s. Whether this is true or not, nobody has officially yet confirmed, but one thing for sure is that the ET’s are growing impatient and now beginning to help assist with the drip feeding of disclosure – must to the Elites displeasure!

There can be NO denying the TRUTH!


So what is the evidence, confirming that the ET’s are winning the battle of ‘TRUTH’ against the greedy Elite?

CLEAR UFO sightings are on the RISE – The People are AWAKENING!

The ET’s, whoever they are, are no longer shy, in fact UFO sightings are becoming clearer and clearer! It also helps the fact that most people have cameras on them, due to this being a key feature on smart phones nowadays, making it incredibly easy for world to share their UFO sightings through social media.

The only issue with UFO sightings trebling across the planet, hoaxes are now increasing too, making it harder than ever for the general public to decipher what is real and what is not real.  It has been suggested that CIA and other world agencies are helping the spread of hoaxes across social media, in order to weaken the case for ET disclosure.  However, some UFO sightings are far too random/un-explainable to be anything but REAL!

The ET’s are no longer hiding and want to be seen by the masses on Planet earth.  It is critically important to keep your eyes to the sky as much as you, and to record whatever wonders you may witness out there (and report them to us guys here at U.I.P!).

In fact, if you call out to the ET’s and demand them to show themselves, it has been recorded that they are appeared.  Please check out our below article on this:

The Extraterrestrial Crafts Communicating With ‘US’


Not only are UFO’s being witnessed here down on earth, they are also being witnessed on NASA’s very own live feed cameras on-board the International Space Station.  Please check out below a mixture of incredible sightings we have covered in previous articles:



A perfect Orb pulsing across Australia –


This INCREDIBLE UFO captured way up high in the clouds above Vienna back in November 2014, appears to be semi-cloaked, but you can CLEARLY see its structure and shape –


Science FACTS 

One upon a time a scientist would probably lost their job if they had publicly stated their beliefs in Aliens, now it’s pretty much an everyday occurrence! Even within our very own DNA are signs that we were potentially created by alien beings! If true, then perhaps the ET’s left a message in us all, for us to one day discover and give clarity on how the human race come about in the first place!

Please check out below some of our previous articles on human genetic finds which indicate that our very own origins may not be from this world:

Aliens Created Our Gentic Code And Signed It With The Number 37 – Confirms Scientists

Created by Aliens?

There have even been signs of ‘alien seeds’ discovered within earths atmosphere, leaving the worlds leading scientists and researchers scratching their heads.  Perhaps the ET’s have intentionally left these behind for us to discover (like we have done!).  Some of these strange ‘made’ looking aliens seeds discovered have been created with an outer hard shell, potentially to protect whats inside them – which when studied have certain specific elements to life on planet earth. Please check out the facts below in one of our previous articles about these unknown alien seeds:

Alien seed sent to Earth? Scientists discover mysterious organism

Some scientists believe this is a seed sent to earth by aliens


All over the planet are ancient signs and images left behind, of what appears to be ET beings and unknown alien crafts. Perhaps these signs were left behind by our ancestors who witnessed these beings, or maybe they were ‘governed’ by an advanced alien race!? All over the planet are indications left behind from hundreds, if not thousands of years ago, depicting alien beings visiting planet earth.

It has been said many times over, that Egypt’s pyramids were designed and constructed by advanced unknown alien beings – and the more you look into the evidence, the stronger the case begins.  Below are some of our previous articles on the world wide evidence of ancient alien beings on planet earth:

The Ancient Egyptian Text That CONFIRMS Aliens Visited Earth In The Past

Some of the most intriguing and fascinating constructions from the past are way too advanced and large to have been constructed by early mankind:

U.I.P’s Top 10 Incredible Archaeological Sites

And lets not forget those clear paintings, most of which look somewhat like your typical alien grey – paintings believed to be up to 50,000 years old:

50,000 year old paintings of ‘Aliens’

The truth is on our past no matter how much the elite try to hide it away from us! Like the Rockefeller family who appear to have invested heavily in the past on potential artefacts which depicted alien life on planet earth:

UFO And Alien Egyptian Artefacts Discovered In Jerusalem Kept Secret By Rockefeller Museum?

The toying with the world leaders….

Over the last few years we have read about many UFO reports which involved military crafts and satellites following these unknown objects in the skies above us.  The elite are now even showing videos of such incidents, presumably presenting them to the world before they are leaked out by hackers, such as wikileaks and anonymous!

It appears that the ET’s like to appear in areas where they can draw in attention to not just the general public below, but also to the worlds military powers.  In what appears to be a game of cat and mouse, where the UFO’s are most definitely being the mouse, each time getting away from military crafts, leaving them standing for dead! This could very well be a message to the elite from a specific alien race saying “we are far more advanced than you and we will no longer hide for your political gain and control!”.

Below you can see footage of a British secret service helicopter appearing just after a UFO sighting, then giving chase to the known craft, but losing miserably –

Here’s another stand off between a British Apache Gunship helicopter and an Orb, above the now world famous Rendlesham forest area.  As you can see, the British military helicopter soon makes an escape away from the unknown craft!

This one here is of a leaked US security footage video of what appears to be a UFO coming out of the sea and apparently splitting in two is alleged to belong to the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  The VIDEO alleged to have been leaked from the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) shows a “UFO being tracked by thermal imaging camera” recently appeared online.

As you can see clearly from the video below, the UFO makes the US homeland security look like idiots, using its incredible technology to out manoeuvre them:

Original article on this leaked sighting:

Leaked US Security Footage Of a Confirmed UFO Sighting

The ET’s also appear to dislike our military weapons and nuclear power and have been witnessed at numerous locations across the planet, apparently reviewing our actions and perhaps also making the elite aware that they are very much HERE!

Check out the below footage taken during the horrific battles in Syria recently, of those huge probing orbs people are seeing across the planet more and more these days – they appear to watch our violent actions very closely:

Our original article on this sighting:

Orb-Like UFO’s Seen Watching Over The War In Syria

One of the most famous confrontations with the Elite, was a standoff back in the 1940’s now called the ‘Battle of Los Angeles’ when a huge light craft appeared in the sky above the city and was repeatedly fired at by the US military  – it did not fall out of the sky and merely disappeared back into the deep night sky after the long confrontation!

There were MANY witnesses to this event and it was even covered in the US medias newspapers.  Interestingly though, the US government at the time issued NO official statement on this matter and tried to stir up a media blackout, but failed miserably!

At the time of the battle of Los Angeles it was building up to Americas involvement in World War two.  As America was gathering its senses after the shocking attack on Pearl Harbour in December, 1941, there was a heightened feeling of insecurity and anxiousness. The skies were being watched as never before as a giant UFO moved through California, alerting the military and civilian watchers as well – This is now deemed as one of the most important cases in Ufology.

The ET’s appeared to be making a clear statement to the world leaders at the time that they were being watched!


The Elites last resort DEADLY tactics

We all know that the elite like to manipulate and control the masses by means of creating divisions amongst us. But, how do they deal with those that know too much and could help bring about the ET’s disclosure? Well, as we have seen MANY times before over the years, the elite will literally ‘take out’ those that either have gained too much inside knowledge or have pushed too hard for the truth (see Max Spiers as a recent example R.I.P – Click HERE for more on this).

Due to the progressive ‘awakening’ of the human race, there is more and more pressure now for the truth to be publicly disclosed, this is where people who have worked within the government who have knowledge of whats really going on, pose a risk to the Elite! Unfortunately for those in the know and perhaps may have shown signs of empathy towards the growing truth seekers, they immediately will have a target on their forehead.

This is no longer a conspiracy theory (please see our article below on this which confirms the deaths) and the body counts are growing, another sure sign that the Elite are losing the disclosure war and now using desperate tactics to contain the situation.

Another Dead NASA Scientist, ‘SEVENTY FOUR’ Scientists dead in 2 years!




Full disclosure still may not happen anytime soon, however over the last few years there has been a dramatic change in how things are heading.  It appears that the ET’s are indeed now forcing their very own disclosure and they are doing this by simply showing their crafts in the skies above us far more frequently – forcing people to awaken from their previous false reality.

Those in the know are now living in fear, realising that the masses on this planet are no longer accepting their lies and deceit.  With full ET disclosure comes the eventual destruction of elite, but the ET’s know that with this will come conflicts from those that will not accept our ET friends with open arms – and this is why the aliens are not just landing above London, New York etc and saying “Hi” to the world, they aren’t stupid and realise that the immediate repercussions of this could be disastrous for Planet Earth.

The ET’s are here and no matter what the elite know or have agreed, it will be the men in posh suits who decide whether or not we know the TRUTH about what is really going on.

One thing is for sure, our self-proclaimed world leaders had better not pick a fight against the ET’s, as this would end up being a war that could see the direct removal of elite and their military machines!


Lets hope the Elite do not drag us into this with a force that can not be beaten.



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